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This incredible video has a good ending, but it doesn't have a good beginning.
It's about my friend Ellie.
I I am Ellie Beer, but I always died.
This'll is a really story.
Last month, Ellie was in Miami where he got infected with Covert 19.
But his situation was not mild.
It was severe, so severe he went to the I.
C u.
He couldn't speak or even breathe difficult.
My breathing with over doctors put him on an induced coma for three weeks in the last hope to save his life.
But here's the thing.
People like Ellie.
You don't think they can get Corona virus because they have done so much for the world.
In his prime time, Ellie was a health worker.
He started an ambulance service that is one off the fastest in the world.
Now he has hundreds of ambulances and Ambu cycles run by volunteers that go around the country to save lives entirely for free 24 7 Think of it like uber, but this is for free.
And we say lies.
That was Ellie.
And now or this is Ellie.
No, I can't do my job.
Terrible disease goes for the long attacks the lungs.
I had to fight for it.
I was scared about not seeing my Children again 5000 miles away from his family battling Corona virus in a coma fighting for his life.
But this is where the story gets better.
After three crazy weeks, Ellie woke up and tested negative for Covert 19.
He one wealthy donor, heard about his situation and donated their private jet just Lie and the home to see his family.
And on the way to the airport, hundreds of cars stopped by to say goodbye toe Ellie while he's in the ambulance and after a long flight and the landing home only to be greeted by hundreds hundreds and violence is from the organization that he founded.
She was greeted like a hero by health workers, and when he saw his family, he couldn't hold back.
This shows that everyone is equal.
There is no difference between anyone I'm a religious to.
There was no difference in me, and I'm a Muslim or Hindu or Christian.
Covert, 19 hits everyone, and this shows that we have to unite everyone together in the world to fight diseases, the fight disaster and me together.
Covert 19 doesn't discriminate.
Health workers get ambulance drivers, get it, and good hearted people get it.
But and these recovery is a sign of hope that we can beat this monster together.
See you next.
Hey there.
How are you?
Thank you so much for watching the video.
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I think you'll enjoy it every day.
There's gonna be a much better video coming your way.
Thank you so much.


The COVID-19 Miracle

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 2 日 に公開
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