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"Meme review" everybody! YouTube's favorite show! Let's see how the last video did...
*Zelda chest opening theme*
Why do I even bother uploading videos?
Universal Pictures didn't like that I memed their Gru meme
*Mimics Italian accent* "Excuse me, you used my meme in the picture so now all the revenue is mine. That's right"
This is censorship. How am I supposed to be a reviewer if I can't even review the memes?
Universal I see you in court.
But no time to cry like a little crybaby. Of course we have to get into the memes.
Yes, what meme does Pewdiepie... What have he selected this time I wonder?
Hmmm..? Doge meme
Sorry I just look at that dog and I can't help myself
Doge meme is...
Needs no introduction. It's the greatest meme of all time.
It's a picture of a dog. Not just any dog but a Shiba Inu
Which has now become sort of a staple of the breed of dog-ness
"Such wow" Amirite, guys?
Doge even has
bitcoins now: "Dogecoin." That seems like a solid investment
It's funny cuz it's a meme mixed with finance and business and currency. That's hilarious
"I cri evertim"
It's even crying through his nose! The thing about the doggie-- Doggeh meme? Dodge meme? (Up for debate.)
He's a bi--He's a bit of an "animorphiac." That's right:
He can morph into other shapes which is the meme that I'm reviewing today! That's right! We have this dog
turning into a...
A rat. A mole rat. *spaghetti intensifies* What? We have Doge turning into elephant!
That is crazy! You have Doge turning into sperm cell. "Le Sperm Cell Has Arrived." Oh I see it; It is--
People are photoshopping dodge into different things using the liquefying
Photoshop tool. "Le Car Has Arrived"
"Le bate has arrived"
"Le bate"
That i-- T-- Imagine if Doge was a bat.
"If I cannot inspire love i will cause fear." Is that--?
Is that Jar Jar Binks? This meme is a meme that just keeps on
giving. What are they going to liquify next? Who knows? It could be anything a
A snail. Le snail has arrived everybody
"Le vir--" Is that an Ebola virus?
That is so clever. "Le
toucan has arrived"
Is this a mix of like, uh...
"Your Uber driver has arrived," or--? Why is it, like, l--?
It doesn't matter it doesn't mat-- Don't question the memes Felix
Stupid. Germa--
Le Germany has arrived. You get points for creativity let me just say that what in the
That looks good. That's impressive wait. I wonder if I can do this like myself. It shouldn't be that hard
("""funky""" music)
Le PewDiePie has arrived everybody
2016 PewDiePie has never left us
He just went into a furry phase, as we all do at least one point in our life, then realizing, "Oh god,
that's disgusting. What kind of what kind of weird upbringing David--did I have to bring out these strange sexual desires?"
Le bog(?) has arrived
This meme, of COURSE, is the-- just like any other meme: A meme of another meme
[Take 2]...like any other meme: Is another meme of another meme. [Take 3] Like any other meme, is another meme of another meme of another m--
This one is, of course, a reiteration ("reinterpretation") of the spaghetti meme, where you have memes inside spaghetti
So funny! such Wow! such clever!
Or having anime bi***es
Has anyone done an anime-Doge-liquify Photoshop? Get. on. that. right. now.
Gonna rate this meme of course
uhhh (inaudible) umm Yes, yeah 4!
It gets a 4. It's not bad; Could be better
But not bad he gets 4
doggie dogs
We have the "Hard to Swallow Pills" meme
How much of
Ironic laughing can you endure for 10 minutes and keep watching guys?
Incognito does not save you from the FBI
What wait?
Are you serious hard to swallow pills casual conversations does not mean she likes you oh
My god this meme is spitting truth bombs fuk ciao
Boom! It goes, "Damn."
Hard to swallow pills soon Star Wars will no longer be special due to over saturation
Oh, wow, you must be extremely woke to have made this meme. This meme gets at least five wokeness points
it's not like Star Wars isn't
Oversaturated already, are you kidding me. It's a billion-dollar industry. What do you mean, "Not
oversaturated?" Are you seriously that stupid?
Are you still living in your own little club that Star Wars is somewhere precious and special?
Or is this meme [from] twenty years ago? F**k. Hard to swallow pills?
Nobody cares about your Fortnite wins oh my gosh
I've been saying this for such a longest time no one cares
Absolutely no one cares about your Fortnite wi--. It's honestly not that impressive. It's actually kind of shite
You just said in camp for what thirty minutes, and then you come in for the bush and be like oh
Hahahahahaha aren't I special I beat a hundred people
No you didn't. You were the only one that actually spent 30 minutes doing f**k-all.
Hard to swallow pills: A dead group chat means your friend made a new one without you
Hard to swallow pills: You know a meme is dead when it's reviewed on meme review
Jokes on you, I made this meme
Hard to swallow pills: Your mom is homos-
stop it! just stop it
Alright you swallow pills: Your pets don't genuinely love you;
They just have a case of Stockholm Syndrome, which is where you develop a bond with your captor. Edgar tell them. I love you
*he do a growl*
That is Swahili for--
I Finally found it after 15 years the scroll of truth the heart to swallow pills meme is the new version of this meme
So woke
This meme gets
5000 "voke" points because my god. Next meme, everybo-- Are you ready for this one? We saved the best for last
"Can I go to toilet"
"I don't know, can you?" Teacher...
...nice people. How do I explain this mean without okay? All right? It's a meme
Fifth graders after they jump up and touch the top of the doorway
The most satisfying sensation of all time and whenever you see anyone else do that shi*
You've got to do it as well. You just have to do. There's no way you cannot do that. "Gaypeoplesaywhat" What?
Third grade ***gas says:
Seventh grade ***gas when someone says "orgasm" instead of "organism" in bi--
Me: I'm not hungry. Grandma ***gas:
They always want to stuff your face. What's up with that guy's?
six-month-old minion meme gets posted on Facebook mom ***gas
Teacher it's raining out so today is indoor recess
Elementary school ***gas. Are you gay? No does your mom know you're gay no
"Say I, spell MAP, and say NES." I am a... pe...nis.
Classmate at recess: "Say run, car, snow, pen' in English."
spring, car, snow, pen. Oh! Run, car, snow, pen.
Oh my god, it actually worked!
[Swedish] Masturbate the penis!
This meme--This meme is the blessing to earth and cured all my depressions--all six of them. This gets a s-- n--
I-It get's a 9
I kno-know how you're feeling. You're feeling anxious. You're feeling nervous. Is there going to be a bonus meme this week?
It's getting mighty close to 10 minutes and in fact it has already been more than 10 minutes
So you know it's not gonna be time for bonus meme, but I do see that
There's at least one more minute of this video so perhaps that means that it is time for bonus meme,
But just a little small bonus meme, not a really long bonus
meme, but just maybe like a few funny ones to where I can go ahahahaha... Just
for a little longer. I really need bonus meme. I had a tough week. I had a tough month in general
I had a tough life, and I could really use there being some bonus meme right now
So let's spin the wheel everybody is there time for bonus meme
Sorry No Time For Bonus Meme
Better luck next week( kill me)


??? ???????? ???? ????????? ?? ??? [MEME REVIEW] ? ? #13

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