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  • Hello, everyone.

  • I'm sound from BBC Learning English, and today we're looking at five ways to use the word hard as an adjective describing a thing it can mean the opposite of soft, for example, would is hard the opposite of easy.

  • For example, the exam was hard.

  • Andi.

  • It could mean something that involves effort.

  • Running a marathon is hot, has an adverb describing an action.

  • It can mean to do something with energy, such as she works hard or to use force.

  • For example, he hit the ball hard.

  • Just be careful not to confuse it with hardly because that has a different meaning.

  • So not too hard, is it?

Hello, everyone.


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A2 初級

難しい」を使う5つの方法 - English In A Minute (5 Ways to use 'hard' - English In A Minute)

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