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Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
3 mil subs is around the corner.
You ready for Sibelius?
It's coming, so accent the subscribe button...
Right now.
We're all coming, guys.
- Alright, guys. That's alright. - It's gonna be...
Sacrile - interesting.
The most talented subreddit ever!
Ling Ling 40 hours, unite!
Ling Ling wannabes!
Practice, practice!
Did you practice today?
- Ling Ling 40 hours! - Ling Ling 40 hours!
- Ling Ling 40 hours! - Ling Ling 40 hours!
Who's Daniel Thrasher again?
The name.
It ain't familiar.
Oh... Wow...
- Dude, I want bubble tea again. - I don't want bubble tea now.
You know, a new bubble tea place just opened
near our place and we can get it on delivery.
- Oh! - So, if I order it now...
- It will come when the video finishes. - It will arrive...
- I'll just keep going while Eddy - - Wait -
- I'm gonna order bubble tea. - Yeah, yeah.
It's gonna fly here.
- Yeah, it's gonna fly. - On the delivery.
Thank you for the idea.
Next one.
I feel at - What the...
How are people doing this?
Dude, I'm actually simping for my own female version.
I like your curls.
- Damn, I would date myself as a chick. - Mmm. Mmm.
Oh my god. Wow.
I want an Eddy cat.
Dude, I want a cat that looks like that.
- B – Oh, yeah. B flat. B flat. - Oh, don't stop. Keep going.
I'm just thinking about the tea.
It's like, you were motivated to practice
- and your mom had to ruin the vibe and be like... - But then... Yeah.
- Go practice! - Go practice!
I find playing in front of people less nerve-racking than
playing in front of like three judges.
Because you already won.
You already won.
So whatever you do...
They gotta take it.
Oh well, music's subjective. What can you do?
We got to be quick cause the uh...
It's coming.
- Dude... - Dude... That looks legit.
Eddy Chen's Sibelius drop.
Oh, dude, you made it to Vogue.
You know, what's the worst part?
I saw a post. Someone was like...
"I think they green-screened this."
When I read that, I just saw a flashback of the
two-hour drive we did to get to the beach.
- Just for that photoshoot. - Oh my god. Yeah, that photoshoot took all day.
But it was worth it, cause we sold out in one hour, dude.
- Yeah. - That was insane.
Please be patient.
- We're working hard to restock it. - Yes.
- That was a fun video. - It was a fun one.
The triangle goes, "ding, ding!"
- Yeah. Ding, ding! - That was my favorite line.
Ling Ling insurance, guys. It was a joke.
Oh, it's a manga artist.
He's a legit manga artist. He did...
- Dude, he's like a legit manga artist. - Oh, all right.
Oh yeah, that's why it looks so cool.
Oh, dude, they look similar.
Dude, that's pretty funny.
That's right, guys.
Sergey was controlled by...
Was controlled by the genius rat Linguini.
Have you ever watched Ratatouille?
- Nah. - Nah, I've never watched.
Is that bad?
That's pretty funny.
It was so funny too because in that video...
Roomie just called him.
How many keys are there on a standard piano, Daniel?
Help me.
88, 88. Okay, bye.
- Oh, that was not planned at all. - Oh.
- Woah! - Woah!
That's right, Avengers level collabs.
- Coming... - Things are getting heated on this channel.
You don't know what to expect.
You Ling Ling wannabes...
Brace yourselves.
- Oh, that's cool. - Dude...
Even nature knows
what's beautiful and what's important.
Even nature knows the treble is better than alto.
Dude, that is a roast...
Of a century.
If your boy says he practicing,
but then in his recital sounds like he not practicing...
He for the streets.
- Dude, how are you guys so good at - - You guys are crazy art -
That's... Who's this?
That's really cool.
That's a nice triangle part there.
- Ding, ding! - Ding, ding! Yeah.
Look, saxophone is a cool instrument.
We just personally been traumatized.
I mean, if you need 69 hours a day,
then, you're not good enough.
"Who doesn't love them?"
- Thank you for the love. - Thank you.
Ling Ling will cast some love on you, here.
Ding, ding.
- Beanie eyelash? - Billie Ei -
Is it even four chords? I feel like today's now two chords.
It's not even two, just one, isn't it?
- Just two notes. - Yeah.
- Yeah, like a bass line. - Nuh, nuh, nuh~
It's just a bass line? Oh!
Don't worry, we feel the same way when we try to learn...
- New things. - Non-music things.
Jumps in...
I love how it says, "s***."
Yeah, I guess it's with everything, right?
Like, you see...
The end product of someone playing effortlessly.
And you be like, "I would love to be able to play like that."
And then you just get the instrument and...
And it's just so easy to be like discouraged.
Don't worry because at the end of it...
You'll have a longer neck than everyone else.
So, it's worth it.
That's the moral of the story.
Dude, she look stressed.
She's like...
- Dude, her left hand! - I know.
Dude, that' the worst.
You're gonna develop scoliosis.
Dude, even the curtains have scoliosis.
69 hours can't get you anywhere.
What was the...
Oh, the pitch one.
Did we say that?
10,000 likes and we'll do another video
but more hardcore.
I can't remember.
This is like two years ago.
Fine, if you guys wanna hear
perfect pitch gang flex their perfect pitch...
I mean...
If I have to...
What note is this?
Actually, what sound is this?
The sound of 69 hours of practice.
- The bass gang dare insults Ling Ling. - Ling Ling!
They think Ling Ling can't practice 69 hours a day.
Ling Ling practice infinite hours.
But then settled on 40.
Because 40 is optimum and effective practice.
Ding Ding! Sibelius coming around the corner.
That's right, guys.
Accent the subscribe button right now,
if you made it this far.
That was really funny.
All right, fine.
- I didn't know. - "Is this a Canadian rock band?"
"The Beatles."
I don't know any Canadian rock band!
The Beatles?
Hey, but you freaking beat me.
- Because... - I won.
Cause I know Disney.
I wrote Disney.
Ooo. I wrote Nickelodeon.
- Ooh! - No! Ah! No!
- Roomie just had to make the last one five points. And... - I know, that's -
They actually cut that...
Video shorter a bit.
In the video...
I was only leading by two points,
- but I was actually leading by four points. - Oh, you were. You were up four points.
And then...
That's why Roomie made the last one five points.
Catch up by 0.5.
I'm so mad.
Oh, it's here.
Guys, we gotta run.
- Please accent the like button. - Bye.
Please accent subsc -
Legato subscribe button and
we'll see you guys next time.
Practice 40 hours a day.


Eddy's Sibelius Drop at 3 Million Subscribers

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