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Ahh fuck yes, let's cross back over to Finland the country that brought you hobby horsing, is also known for the wife-carrying championship.
The wives are now in place.
They are off and racing.
The lanky wanker on the outside has gotten off to a good start.
Into the water now where the challenge is to make sure your wife doesn't drown.
The sheila at the back is fucked.
I think her husband is trying to use this as a legal way to get rid of her.
You gotta make sure you trust each other.
Look at this, here comes a fucking hurdle, and.
Done it.
Ahh have a look at these wankers.
Someone get the rulebook out.
This is taking away from that whole danger of her potentially drowning.
This guy's amazing.
He is fucking flying.
He's the Usain Bolt of this championship.
And they've done it.
I mean he's done majority of the work.
But she put up with smelling his ass.
That wouldn't be too nice.
These guys have got a coach yelling at them.
"Come on fucking push yourselves you pussies."
Here's some more obstacles, no worries.
I wonder if this is like horse racing.
If the fella falls over and breaks his leg.
Does he get taken out the back and shot in the fucking face?
I mean what are the human rights here?
She's giving him a good whip, isn't she?
And he is over he's like "fucken use your legs, stand up."
"I've had enough." Nah they're good.
They're good.
The winners are like "we tried to go out give 110%."
"We hoped to do good. We wanna do good. I think we did pretty good."
Host is like "do you agree with that Brendan Fraser statement?"
She's like "yep we fucking smashed it."



Ozzy Man Reviews: Wife Carrying Championship

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lauren.huang 2020 年 6 月 24 日 に公開
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