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There's a reciprocity between death and life.
One informs the other.
And I think the problem with humanity is that,
The life part of the equation is not respected
the way it should be.
Human beings still now, are incredibly destructive and disrespectful
of how precious and unique and how fragile life is.
People keep on saying after every major war...
'Never again, we can never let this happen again.'
And of course.
In another country, in another part of the world.
It happens again.
You feel a disillusionment about that, or I have.
But within that whole pathos, that darkness
there's always individual people who choose peace
over conflict.
They are the light, and the spirits.
The true heroes of the world.
When I was young I would really get angry about the way the world was,
and about people who were suffering when they really didn't need to suffer.
And photography was kind of a way of me channeling that anger
into something that was more constructive.
Telling the stories of those vulnerable people.
In the hope of building some sort of bridge of understanding.
Being in war zones for ten years took it's toll.
I had cronic nightmares for years and years,
waking up in the middle of the night and being
terrified and sweating and screaming.
With all the death that I've seen
it's a confirmation of your own mortality.
I'm probably in the last chapter of my life.
You start thinking about death.
And being in Nepal, it's really interesting just seeing the way
that they've weaved it, not only into their own spirituality, their own religion
but into their daily lives.
This is the only one place in Nepal where you can see
life and death together.
Hindus believe that this is not our final life.
When you see their burning dead bodies you can see 5 elements together.
First they light dead body.
That's fire.
Fire goes back to fire.
Smoke rises up with the help of air.
And the cloud it takes form of sky.
All the ashes they're swept into the river right after cremation...Water.
And the small pieces of bone gets to the earth, back to five different elements.
Then persons gonna have another life.
A photographer making pictures of that if it's done in a respectful way,
and if you've asked and it's fine for you to be there,
they're absolutely at one with it.
Taking photograph it is not considered to be taboo because,
you are learning something from death as well.
Death is part of our life.
When you're in these intimate situations I find with Fuji cameras,
especially a camera like the X-T4 is that it's so small.
It's not imposing.
You can float with it.
What I really love about it, is the film simulation.
And one that I've been using which is new, is the bleach bypass.
The colour is not too saturated or overstated.
That for me is what I want because in documentary photography
it's reality that you're photographing. It's unguarded moments of humanity
in it's ebbing and flowing.
The things that made me angry when I was young
they're still going on. It's the same stupid dance but
I don't think hope has been snuffed out.
Hope is all that we have left.
And it's those individual people, many of them who I have documented,
that hold life up as something that's extraordinarily precious
and should be loved, you know?
And enjoyed until it ends.
Love is God.
God is Love.


X-T4: "Photography in Motion" Jack Picone / FUJIFILM

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