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Eat Sleep Dreamers here are five brand new English words that you need to know.
Number one to bing watch. So you know that feeling when you are watching your favourite
TV series and you get to the end of the episode and you think ok I'll watch just one more.
So you watch that episode and you get to the end and you think Ok I'll watch just one more.
And so you watch that episode and three hours later you've watched like eight episodes.
I'm sure you've done it I've done it far too often on Netflix. So the word it to binge
watch, to binge watch. So it is to watch multiple episodes of the same TV programme one after
another. So my question to you guys is do you ever binge watch? Do you binge watch Game
of Thrones or Sherlock? Let me know in the comments below guys.
Next one, HIIT. Now this is a type of workout. It stands for high intensity interval training.
So we are talking about exercise here. So what HIIT is is really demanding physical
activity followed by a short rest and you keep doing that so maybe it's forty five seconds
of press-ups and then fifteen seconds rest. Another forty-five seconds of sit-ups to work
your stomach and then fifteen seconds of rest. So HIIT. So an example sentence 'I just did
a HIIT workout'. Do you guys ever do HIIT workouts? Maybe in your gym or at home have
you tried it? Would you like to do a HIIT workout? Sounds tiring to me. I enjoy them,
I feel really good afterwards but yeah let me know in the comments below. Do you ever
do HIIT workouts?
This is a great one, superfood. It's a noun and it means a nutrient-rich food that is
very healthy for you. The food that is considered to be the most healthy. So for example avocados,
blueberries, oily fish things like that. I like this word because it makes me think of
a super hero, so kind of like an avocado but maybe looking like spiderman. I am superfood.
Yeah anyway, coming to save the world. Anyway let's use an example sentence 'I think I'm
going to have the superfood salad.' Do you have superfoods in your meals every day? So
do you eat avocados, oily fish, blueberries all those kinds of things? Do you eat super
foods? Tell me in the comments below.
Next one drunk dialing or to dunk dial someone. So maybe you know when you've had a couple
of glasses of wine, maybe one too many and you pick up your phone and you are a bit drunk
and you call someone and normally you wouldn't do it but because you've had one too many
glasses of wine you call them. You think it's a good idea at the time but it isn't a good
idea. This is drunk dialing or to drunk dial someone. Usually it's someone like a, I don't
know someone you fancy or you find attractive. Or is an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend or I don't
know it's usually quite embarrassing. In the morning you wake up and you are like 'oh no
why did I call them?' Not that I've ever done this, this is not, of course not. Have you
guys ever drunk dialled someone? I might have done it once or twice but anyway this is a
great, really fun piece of vocabulary to know. Drunk dialling. Ok the last one, to photobomb
someone. So this is when someone gets into the background of a photo usually as a joke
or as a prank to be funny. It's happened to me so many times. You are taking a selfie
and then someone goes in the back ground and goes like ehhh because they think they are
being really funny. I might have done it as well a couple of times. An example sentence
'Oh my God! That guy totally photobombed us .' Eat Sleep Dreamer, have you got a photo
of you with someone photobombing you? If you have send to me I'd love to see it. My email
address is [email protected] Alright so that's five great new words for you to
learn. You've got binge watch, HIIT, superfoods, we've got to photobomb someone, we've got
drunk dialling as well. Five great new pieces of vocabulary. Now the key to good vocabulary
or to learning vocabulary is to use them straight away. Ok, so if you can write a sentence with
them. You can post that in the comments below and I'll check to see if you have used it
correctly. You could try and use it in a email to someone today or in a conversation or maybe
you could look for examples of them in newspapers, in social media on Facebook on Instagram things
like that. Keep your eyes open and see if you find an example of a HIIT workout at your
local gym for example. Or check to see what are other superfoods, you could research other
superfood. Remember guys to check out my Facebook page and my Instagram account and of course
remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and tell anyone you know that is trying to
learn English please share this video with them. Share it with your English teacher or
your fellow English students and let's try and help as many people as we can learn real
natural English. Alright guys thank you so much for joining me I'll be back really soon
with another video for you until then this is Tom the English Hipster and you know what
time it is, it's time to take your English to the next level.


5 New English Words You NEED to Know 2017

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