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  • Hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question.

  • Today's question is how do I say the words

  • plan a strategy to complete a task

  • and plane the vehicle for

  • air travel

  • so we are really gonna focus on the

  • vowels in these words today lets start with

  • the beginning of these words because it is exactly

  • the same we are gonna start with the P sound by

  • um closing then opening the lips p p

  • when you open your lips for this P sound

  • simultaneously you are going to have your tongue

  • behind your top front teeth pl

  • pl pl

  • and then you are going to pull your tongue down

  • when you do this you are going to avoid

  • saying PA

  • LA you don't want to have those two parts

  • you want to do it actually at the same time

  • so again your tongue is behind your top teeth for that L it is ready

  • when you start saying your P sound

  • PL PL PL

  • so your tongue is in the spot, your lips are closed and then

  • you open them the L sound just comes out pl

  • pl pl

  • next we are going to move to either the short a

  • AH

  • this is a very open vowel your mouth is open

  • in a round circle shape

  • and the tongue is going to be

  • low and in the bottom of your mouth

  • AH AH

  • AH

  • AH The back of your tongue is pulled up a little bit

  • but mostly your tongue is low in that mouth

  • pla then we

  • are going to move to that N sound by touching the tip of the tongue to the

  • back of your top front teeth and the air moves out of your nose

  • plan

  • next for plane

  • A

  • your mouth is going to be

  • really wide open with your tongue low in your mouth

  • then you are going to move your mouth

  • closed to like a smile and

  • then your tongue is going to follow and come up

  • high and flat in your mouth it is not touching the roof of your mouth

  • it will be nice and high and flat

  • so again we have plane

  • plane

  • plane

  • plan plan

  • plan

  • plan

  • plane

  • plane plan

  • I plan to get to the airport early so

  • I can board the train first

  • Give it a try I know people will notice the difference

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  • and visit us

  • at Tarle Speech .com for more again next week

Hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question.


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