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  • Oh I shall never be ready,

  • I've got all this food to cook for the feast.

  • Where are the eggs and the vinegar?

  • Oh hello, well you must be my new apprentices, what's your name?

  • Olivia

  • Adham

  • Well, Mistress Olivia and Master Adham,

  • welcome to Gainsborough Old Hall, my name is Thomas Griffin,

  • and I am the cook here to Lord William Burgh.

  • Now, we're cooking a feast because there is a very important merchant coming from Lincoln.

  • I'm actually making some special biscuits, for the banquet right at the very very end.

  • So let me take those, and over there, put your clothes on.

  • Ready and waiting

  • That's much better, well there's lots to be getting on with so first thing, I need lots of breadcrumbs,

  • so take a piece of bread and start breaking it up in to those bowls there.

  • So what's it like in the kitchen?

  • It's always very very busy

  • we're up very early in the morning and we can't go to bed

  • until Lord William has gone to bed as well, in case he wants something to eat

  • and there's always something to cook, there's always things to be getting ready and preparing for the next day as well.

  • I have to look after the kitchen, I'm in charge of everything, I talk to the merchants who sell me the food

  • I make sure all the ingredients are ordered

  • I roast, I boil, I bake, I fry,

  • I do absolutely everything and make sure all the staff are doing it as well.

  • What do you have for the dessert?

  • So Lord William likes lots of sugary, spicy things

  • so there will be dishes with fruit in

  • there will be sweet wine from Spain and Portugal.

  • I've made some roses using this mould

  • and I have also made a coloured marchpane chess board

  • and we can use little biscuits to move the counters around

  • But what's marchpane?

  • Well marchpane is almonds,

  • egg yolks and sugar, and you

  • grind it all up and make it in to a sort of a doughy pasty like stuff.

  • Oh marzipan.

  • What do you use for the food colouring?

  • Plants mostly, that's why I'm chopping this parsley, that's going to give us some green.

  • And there's some special bark from brazilwood or madder, that's going to make us red

  • and we even have a special kind of beetle called cochineal that comes in from overseas and that's going to make a lovely pink colour

  • I tell you what, there's a job that you can help me do

  • we can colour some marchpane to decorate the Shrewsbury biscuits for later on

  • would you like to do that?

  • Yes!

  • First you need to pound the herbs in a pestle and mortar

  • then we'll add some water and a little vinegar or wine,

  • and simmer gently over the fire to release the colour and make a paste.

  • We then pour the liquid into a cloth or a mesh and we strain the liquid through it to make a fine dye

  • and finally we are going to knead it in the marchpane.

  • We are just going to roll the marchpane.

  • If we cut a little bit off.

  • Now, I want you to place that on there and give it a good squish down, that's it.

  • Very very good, now then if you gently peel it off and put it on the table

  • That's it, lie it down, and now we have the shape of the leaf.

  • Now I'll quickly cut around them. There we are.

  • So now, take a biscuit each

  • take a quill and just dip the end in the honey.

  • Take the back of your leaf and now just paint a bit of honey on, that's it.

  • And now, glue your leaf on to the biscuit.

  • So there we are, biscuits fit for Lord William himself or maybe Queen Elizabeth.

  • Thank you for teaching us how to cook.

  • Thank you for being my apprentices today.

Oh I shall never be ready,


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