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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is about two vowels the short I that we hear in words like win and will

  • and bliss and hid and the short e sound the eh sound that we hear in when

  • well bless and head I've gotten this question a lot you can see all of these

  • words have been requested recently and another person just asked for a whole

  • video on short I in short e so I decided to put everything together for you these

  • two sounds are very difficult to distinguish number one they sound very

  • similar number two they're more short and they're more relaxed vowels and so

  • and they look very very similar so when I say these words just watch my mouth

  • win when they look almost exactly the same so what's the difference I came up

  • with a few tips for you to pronounce these a little clearer and to get closer

  • to that short I and that short e sound when you need to distinguish these two

  • vowels oftentimes in context people will understand you if you're close enough

  • but if you really want to differentiate these words let's go ahead and jump

  • right in and learn how to do this so for this short I sound typically people

  • confuse this with the long e sound and they'll say e in this case we're not

  • talking about the long e but I'm showing you that to contrast the short relaxed

  • ih sound with that ih ih ih it's actually very hard to even distinguish

  • them when they're just in isolation as I'm saying them now but the reason I'm

  • doing this is just show you that for the short ih sound my lips are relaxed and

  • my mouth is relatively closed with my mouth relatively closed of course it is

  • open slightly to allow the air to come out the tip of my tongue is going to be

  • close to the back of my top front teeth it's not touching is just think of it as

  • being behind those top front teeth as a marker for

  • where your tongue should be because for the short ih sound your tongue is a little

  • bit higher in your mouth then for the short eh sound again relaxed mouth but I

  • want you to think about opening your mouth a little bit more not super wide

  • like we're saying ah that would be wrong it is between the and the ih and the AH it is in

  • the middle slightly open eh eh and when you open your mouth think of putting your

  • tongue behind the bottom front teeth and that's going to get your tongue in the

  • right position so again for this short ih your mouth is

  • more closed that's the short i and your tongue is behind the top front

  • teeth for the short eh your mouth is a little more open and think of the tip of

  • your tongue behind the back of the bottom front teeth so let's give these a

  • try in words let's start with the short I first a little more closed teeth

  • behind the tongue behind the top teeth win will bliss and hid now open your

  • mouth a little more think of tongue tip behind the back of the bottom front

  • teeth when well bless head don't let this spelling confuse you this is kind

  • of an exception usually when we see two vowels together it's a long vowel and

  • you would think maybe you want to say e but in this case it's the short eat that

  • sound okay so now let's say the words together and contrast the short I to the

  • short e win when will well bliss bless hid head and let me try it

  • in some sentences for you when will we win will you dig the well you may

  • experience bliss when the priest will give a will bless you and the bird hid

  • his head in the sand so give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful we would really appreciate it if you shared

  • this with a friend don't forget to subscribe we love to hear from you leave

  • your comments in the comment section below and if you want to practice some

  • more please check out my practice workbooks on Google Play and iTunes and

  • my class options at tarle speech dot com thank you so much

  • take care

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question today's


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WILL, WELL, BLISS, BLESS, HID, HEAD, WIN, WHEN - Short I & Short E /ɪ,ɛ/の発音方法 (How to Pronounce WILL, WELL, BLISS, BLESS, HID, HEAD, WIN, WHEN - Short I & Short E /ɪ, ɛ/)

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