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  • We're at the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the Abbey site, and

  • we've taken some students around today to look at the key parts of the Abbey

  • but also go on to the battlefields and look at what it was like on the

  • battlefield site.

  • We've got quite a lot of free resources actually that you can use when you come to a visit to battle Abbey,

  • we've got our lovely teachers kit, we've got

  • pre and post activities in there as well as resources that you can do on-site.

  • English Heritage have produced a really, really good resource kit for schools

  • to help support the learning of the students around this site. It guides me

  • towards the key areas, it helps me build my teaching around the visit, and our

  • students found it really useful. It pointed them in the direction of things

  • that they found really exciting and engaging, and overall we know we're

  • delighted with the resources they've produced to help students learn.

  • Well, I've learned some gruesome things about the battle, and about the building,

  • as that most of it was destroyed.

  • I would describe it as very beautiful, historical

  • and very informative. A great place to visit.

  • To stand on that battlefield and go this is where it happened, this is where

  • England changed forever and just get an idea of what it was like is absolutely vital.

  • They can see the battlefield, they can get a sense of how exhausting it

  • would have been running up the hill, which I think they really enjoyed, but

  • also an appreciation of the scale of the Abbey. And we can wrap that around their

  • knowledge learning within school and it helps them engage with it and produce

  • some really impressive history pieces.

  • I'd recommend a visit to battle Abbey for teachers just

  • because it's a great way to get kids out and about and stand on the site where

  • history and the battle happened and it's a great way to get your students engaged

  • with the topic.

  • The thing that I most enjoyed was probably trying to lift the shields and

  • the armour and the weapons, which was quite interesting and how heavy they

  • were and how they managed to run up and down Britain with that.

  • It's an amazing place and it's...well, it's a bit better than the classroom!

We're at the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the Abbey site, and


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バトルアビーへの学校訪問 KS1-4 (School Visits To Battle Abbey KS1-4)

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