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Please hold.
Marty Wolf Pictures. Please hold. Can I help you?
We're here to see Marty Wolf. Do you have an appointment?
I ask you,
Astrid, what kind of sick world this is...
when children need an appointment to see their own father?
Mr. Wolf doesn't have children.
- Not that he knows of. - Shh.
Look, this is gonna be an emotional reunion for all of us,
so once you let us in, you're probably gonna wanna hold Papa's calls as well.
Mr. Wolf doesn't see anyone without an appointment.
Marty Wolf Pictures.
No, she stepped away.
I'd love to take a message. You've got it.
If you'd slow down--
Help me out. Help me out. No. No.
Help me out. Help me out. Help me out. No. No. No. Okay.
Marty Wolf Pictures. One moment, please.
Operator. Hi. Marty Wolf Pictures, please.
[ Panting, Barks ] [ Phone Rings ]
Marty Wolf Pictures. Astrid Barker, please?
Speaking. This is Doris Del Rio down in parking.
- Do you drive a Saturn? - Yes.
- Well, it's um-- - It's parked on a dog.
- I'm not gonna say that. - Come on!
- Hello? - Your car's parked on a dog.
Your car is parked on a dog.
My car is parked on a dog?
Yes, ma'am. In the tail area to be more specific.
[ Gagging ] It's gruesome, actually.
- Listen for yourself. - [Jason Barking ]
[ Barking, Whining ]
Hang on, okay? I'm coming! Don't die!
Just stay! Keep breathing! Think of a happy place.


Big Fat Liar (5/10) Movie CLIP - Crank Call (2002) HD

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