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what do women want in a man the best way
for me to answer this question is to use
an analogy of a car you see what the car
looks like matters to a degree the
condition that it's in how fashionable
it is how expensive it is all of these
are factors just like how the way you
dress your personal hygiene and you for
seek are important factors that women
like men
however the most important thing to a
woman is not the car itself because if
you have a nice car and just sits in the
garage all day
it's nowhere nearly as exciting as an
average car that travels too many
different places the excitement which is
the most appealing factor lies in the
journey that you take her on in your car
that's why you see tons of men out there
who are good-looking who have decent
amount of money they have a nice car but
they find that very few women stay
interested in them and they wonder why I
have everything a woman could want
why do they keep leaving me well it's
because although they do have a nice car
they're not doing anything with it what
women really want is to experience a
this means having a destination this
means having a goal that you are
constantly pursuing constantly driving
towards because no woman wants to sit in
a nice car and ask hey what's your goal
where we going and here well I really
have a goal so we can just Park here and
admire this car and oftentimes guys will
make the mistake of making woman their
destination in life they tries so hard
to get girls to like them to dedicate
more time and effort to doing this then
they do towards improving their own
so when they finally do convince a girl
to sit in their car they find that
she'll leave rather quickly the
relationship doesn't go well she breaks
up with you or she mentions divorce
because once she realizes that your car
isn't going anywhere that your
destination in life turned out to be her
she will lose all interest
this is why it's so important to have
some sort of destination some sort of
dream it doesn't matter what it is it
could be about saving the world's
population of turtles or it could be
about inspiring others with your banjo
it really doesn't matter what it is as
long as you believe in it and as long as
you're constantly chasing after it
that's what's important that's why
you'll see people like starving rock
band members
or broke hippies having tons of
beautiful woman in their lives because
they have an extremely vivid dream that
they are constantly pursuing the
musician may never become a famous rock
star and the hippie may never change the
government's policies but they don't
stop believing no matter what is still
driving toward their destination at top
speeds and it's this passionate pursuit
of one's dreams that's irresistible to
women it's exciting it's like watching a
movie unravel in real life and honestly
this is something that's universally
attractive not just for women so focus
on yourself
discover what your destination is and
start pursuing it with a passion
only then will you obtain the one thing
that woman want most


What Women Want In A Man

106 タグ追加 保存
Mahiro Kitauchi 2020 年 6 月 1 日 に公開
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