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I've never thought about that before,
but guess I am curious about what side of me my fans like.
That's hard... Why do they like me?
[Speed Isn't All That Matters]
[MAGAZINE SHOOTING / 2019.10.29]
We went on tour and shot TV programs simultaneously in Japan,
and also had photoshoots
I think we did a lot of things,
that helped us promote ourselves to not only to the Japanese CARATs, but many others as well.
Thank you~
We're done~
I want to go home and rest.
[TOKYO / 2019.11.03]
I'm the quiet type.
I like being around people too, but I'm the type of person who needs to have some alone time,
I like walking around the streets, but also sleeping in my room.
I like to play games, and read books.
So I'm not deep into a specific thing,
I think I like to do many things lightly.
I like to experience a lot of things, rather than focusing on just one
and I don't like the feeling of being trapped,
Say hi to the camera!
We're going to Super Junior's concert~ Fighting!
Only the members who wanted to go
are going, and compared to the other members,
I do have a closer relationship with the Super Junior members...
Is Wonwoo eating alone?
- He was eating alone when I came to wake you up... I think he might be done now. - Right?
Are you going to go work out after tennis?
I'm undecided, should I work out and then play tennis?
Or play tennis first and then exercise...
I mean, it is better to exercise first and then play tennis.
I'm going to go to the sauna with Vernon
and then go work out,
go to the pool,
and then I'll have to just laze around.
While we are here,
today is our only day off
so I'm going to relax as much as possible.
I'm not the type to do a lot of stuff on my day off.
It's here!
Is it?
What did you do at the hotel today?
I played tennis,
and went for a swim, and worked out,
and then... had dinner with the guys... what did you eat?
I ate with Donghae and Eunhyuk...
Did you have fun at the concert today?
Yeah, it was fun.
I learned a lot about what to say during a concert.
They're really good, huh...
And also their Japanese,
Like when they introduce themselves, all the members speak in Japanese like Hoshi does.
That's amazing, we should learn to do that too.
Yeah, it's not easy.
I think that's even harder than the actual performance.
And I'm also just not the type to talk that much...
I always kind of had a weak presence.
I'm a very introverted person naturally,
so I always felt I couldn't fit in that well, anywhere, since I was young.
But in SEVENTEEN, I didn't get any of that feeling.
Even when I didn't try to stand out,
the members always made me stand out too somehow.
They're like 'Wonwoo too', they take care of me like that
so I overcame it a lot.
I think I overcame most of it just before our debut.
He said he was going to go to the emergency room at 2 o'clock...
That he felt too ill.
So Jun was in the center,
but we'll move him to fill in Dino's spot.
And we'll have to adjust the lighting time, to fit the adjustments.
Dino had a bad case of enteritis.
So he had to visit the emergency room the day before,
and went to the hospital the morning of the concert,
we weren't sure whether he could even perform at all.
But in the end, Dino was too sick to go on
So the rest of us had to carry out the concert by ourselves.
Make sure that's fixed well.
My condition...
Mentally, my condition's well,
but with all the promotions and concerts
it's true that my body's slowly getting worse.
So I guess I keep doing more to make up for it, like today, I'm taping up my muscles.
Today's condition is...
Not that good.
My back hurts.
The members were all very worried, going up onstage that day.
Saying “Will Dino be okay?”
We said, we should do the show well even with just 12,
Let's go!
Out of the way please, filming is not the priority!
I guess my body was in worse condition than usual that day.
I couldn't let it show, since Dino was already missing
but while performing the first song,
I thought 'Today is going to be tough.'
My breathing was so much worse than usual,
so I kept on breathing heavier, and that led to some hyperventilation,
I felt very dizzy that day.
Even when I was just standing still...
I felt like I was going to faint.
Put his head up a little bit.
Water, water!
It's okay, it's okay.
Our fans are our priority, of course.
Our fans have spared their precious time to come see our performance.
I didn't want to disappoint them,
and if two members were missing...
I felt they'd be so disappointed.
I didn't want to give up. If I was going to pass out, it was going to be after the show.
I think that's why I went back on stage.
Wonwoo, your microphone please.
I had a weak presence,
and that was quite stressful on me.
I think I tried to convey the stress from being unable to show myself, in my lyrics.
You know for others, our trainee years are equal to their time preparing for a test, or looking for a job,
People always tell us, That our songs really helped them go through those years
Everyone in the world has something tough going for them,
and I feel often, that I want to be their comfort.
That's my driving force these days.
[If you slow down for a moment, and catch your breath]
[You can forever keep these passing moments in your heart]


EP. 02​ 빠르게 달리는 것만이 중요한 건 아냐 | SEVENTEEN : HIT THE ROAD

莊詠婷 2020 年 5 月 27 日 に公開
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