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  • Today I have in front of me a very well taken care of Galaxy S7. The worst part about it

  • is that the camera lens is cracked, so you can't take pictures. The rest of the phone

  • works fine, but with a cracked camera lens you're missing one of the most important

  • features of the phone. Today I'm going to show you how to replace the camera glass with

  • a new lens so that you can take clear pictures again. The hardest part of this project is

  • making sure that no glass dust gets inside the camera unit. And I'll show you why in

  • just one second.

  • It is really hard to find quality glass lenses. Most replacements you'll

  • find online will be clear plastic that you can bend or fold, but taking a picture through

  • plastic isn't near as good as taking a picture through glass. I use Bonafide Hardware glass

  • lenses because they are actually glass. I got two so that I could show you that the

  • glass is real. This lens fits the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge; both of them are the

  • same size. I will link the Bonafide Hardware lenses in the video description of this video.

  • You'll need a heat gun for this project. This is important because you want to soften

  • the adhesive under the broken glass so that it doesn't shatter more as you remove it.

  • The more your old lens shatters, the more you risk getting glass into the camera mechanism

  • and killing your focus abilities and your OIS, the stabilization. I'm also going to

  • use a clear piece of tape. I'm going to take my heat gun, or you can use your sister's

  • hair dryer, and heat up the glass of the camera lens until it's too hot to touch. Then I

  • will quickly put tape over the cracked lens and try to pull off any loose bits of glass

  • that I can find. If you end up with a hole in your lens this project becomes a lot easier.

  • I got one little piece of glass off but that will be enough to start. Now that the glass

  • is cooled down I need to reheat it to soften the adhesive again. Then, holding the phone

  • sideways so no glass falls inside the camera unit, I can lift off each piece of glass individually.

  • The warmer the adhesive is the easier it will be to do this. You can warm up the phone as

  • often as you need, just make sure not to overheat it and damage the camera. Only go until it

  • is barely too hot to touch. As you can see the lens is mechanical, so it has moving parts.

  • If the glass dust gets inside of the camera, it will stop working. The OIS will stop, and

  • worse, the focusing will stop. Sometimes it will start focusing again after a couple days

  • when the glass drops out, but it's better to avoid that all together and just be careful.

  • So now I'm going to clean up the extra adhesive and the glass bits inside of the frame. If

  • there are any glass bits still in there when I press my new lens into place, the new lens

  • will crack because of that pressure point. So make sure all the glass dust is off. If

  • there are gaps in the adhesive from the news lens that you put on, then regular dust from

  • your pocket might seep into your camera lens over time. So make sure it's as clean as

  • possible and don't get anything on the unprotected camera unit. Clean off both sides of the new

  • glass lens, making sure there are no smudges on the underside since you won't have access

  • to it once the new glass is in place. Remember that you are working with glass, so if you

  • aren't super confident you might just want to buy two lenses in case you break one. You

  • shouldn't leave your camera unprotected for very long. Make sure that the adhesive

  • is still on the glass side of the lens after removing the adhesive protection. Then drop

  • your new lens into place and line it up inside of the frame. Remember if you press too hard

  • you might crack the new glass, so be gentle. As you can see I did retain all of my focusing

  • abilities with this Galaxy S7. Being super careful with the glass does pay off. Thanks

  • a ton for watching. I did link all of the parts and tools you'll need for this project

  • down in the video description below. If you have any questions leave them in the comments.

  • I do respond fairly regularly. And all of my behind the scenes stuff can be found on

  • my Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Thanks a ton for watching. Hope to see you around.

Today I have in front of me a very well taken care of Galaxy S7. The worst part about it


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