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Somebody, please help.
My Charmander is hurt real bad.
My goodness, he sure looks banged up.
Dr. Chancy.
Don't worry, your Pokemon will be fighting fit in no time.
Move it people we're losing him.
I need 50 CCs of hyperposin stat!
On it Dr. Chancy!
Don't you die on me you firey (beep)
Doctor, he's not responding!
And his internal temperature is down to 550 degrees celsius!
Damn it!
That's practically freezing for a Charmander.
Prepare for operation.
I need to scrub up!
I got you Dr. Chancy!
Oh no!
What the (beep).
(beep) You Arceus, you're not getting this one today!
Clear damn it!
Time of death 3:28 pm.
I'm sorry Doc.
I don't know what happened.
Oh I know what happened.
You just lost your (beep) job!
Get out of my OR!
Someone hold me back, I'm gonna murder this (beep)!
Should I inform the trainer, doctor?
You mean tell that poor kid out there that his best friend in the whole world is gone forever?
No, the truth of what happened stays here with us and us alone.
You see, as doctors, our job isn't just to heal Pokemon.
We're the last line of defense against the cold harsh truths of this world.
If people really knew what went on, it would break them.
But not us, it's our purpose to carry that burden.
Ours alone.
So what are you going to do?
Whatever I have to.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Shh, it's almost over.
Here you are!
Good as new!
Wow, I don't believe it!
Whoa, he's an even higher level than when I brought him in!
And he learned new moves.
And he's, a she?
Yup, that happens sometimes.
Thanks, Nurse Joy!
Oh, don't thank me, thank Dr. Chancy.
Chancy, Chancy!
(beep) Chancy.


【ポケモン】英語でアニメ|もしポケモンセンターはリアルだったら…? (If Pokemon Centers were Realistic | Featuring The Warp Zone)

606 タグ追加 保存
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