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  • I had no plans to make it in America.

  • If you're here because of Nanette,

  • why?

  • Had I known just how wildly popular

  • trauma was going to be in the context of comedy,

  • I might've budgeted my shit a bit better.

  • But I went and put all my trauma eggs

  • into one basket

  • like a fucking idiot, and now, here we are.

  • When I first started touring here,

  • I was told I should Americanize my language.

  • To which I responded,

  • "Fuck off!"

  • I mean, I've made some concessions for you.

  • I'm not a monster.

  • Aluminum?

  • Why would you say "aluminium,"

  • when you can flirt it?

  • "Aluminum."

  • Stop it, America.

  • And "y'all"? I'm taking "y'all."

  • I love "y'all,"

  • because "y'all"

  • is the best, most inclusive

  • second-person plural pronoun

  • in the English-speaking world!

  • Thank you, the South.

  • What an ally.

I had no plans to make it in America.


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