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[car door slams]
[footsteps on gravel] crunch
[crunching continues]
[footsteps on dried grass] crunch, crunch
[crunching continues]
[lock unlocking] clink
[loud metal noises from chain] [lock unlocking] clink
[loud metal noises from chain]
[gate creaking]
[Tesla safety noises] beep, beep, ding, ding
[louder Tesla safety noises] ding, ding
[scratching of tumbles on car]
[footsteps on gravel] crunch
[wind blowing]
[door opening] creak
[metal hitting] clank
[paper flipping]
Welp. I guess I need one of these.
[footsteps on gravel]
[wind blowing]
[car driving]
[Tesla safety noises] ding, ding
[zipper zipping]
[car door slams]
[footsteps on dried grass] crunch, crunch
[wind blowing]
[crickets chirping]
[far away metal clanging sounds]
[echo of birds flapping wings inside building]
[echo of birds chirping inside building]
Jesus f***ing Christ this is creepy.
Too many things moving around in the dark.
[crickets chirping]
[door slams]
[metal gate opens] chink
[wind blowing]
Oh, is this how I would turn the power on?
[metal lever] clank
[straining noises]
Oh, ohhh,.
[low chuckle]
That fuse does not want to be flipped
[footsteps on dried grass] crunch
[wind blowing]
[crickets chirping]
[metal sliding open]
[metal slides closed] clank
[metal sliding open]
[metal slides closed] clank
[files sliding]
[files flipping, pages turning]
[drawer slams]
[footsteps on dried grass] crunch
Argh. Argh.
God damn these tumbleweeds.
[tumbles crunching] crunch, crunch
[footsteps on metal]
[switch flipping] click, click
I really wish these lights worked.
God, it's freezing in here.
Oh, wow.
Maybe the computer will turn on.
[switch flipping] clank
[door closing loudly]
Eww. I am not going through that door.
Let's get out of here.
Urrgh! Oh, God.
[footsteps on gravel]
[metal creaking] clank
Ughhhh. Ugh.
Do you think up is locked? Or is down locked?
[straining noises
I have this very nervous feeling that the car is gonna disappear.
But I still… still see her.
Juuust barely on the horizon.
Oh, this one looks open.
Jesus Christ. Yeah.
No, thank you.
No, thank you, horrible spiky plant.
[metal creaking] clank
[switch clicking loudly]
Ohhh, yeah hear that? [click click]
They don't make switches like they used to.
[faster switch clicking noises]
When I flip a switch....
[click click]
I want to know it.
Ok, so down is lock- ..err down is unlocked.
[straining noises]
[kicks door] clank, clank, clank
Is that moving?
No, it's not moving.
[heavy straining]
Aww man, so close.
Can't move this one for anything.
[straining noises]
Okay, maybe there's another way in.
[tumbles crunching]
[footsteps on metal stairs]
Ah ho, hello.
[deep breathing]
There is a way in.
I'm not going to take it, though.
I'm gonna pass on this little discovery.
[crow caws]
[wind blowing loudly]
[metal clanking]
[deep sigh]
[wind blowing]
[footsteps on gravel] crunch, crunch
Look, bone.
Sure looks like bone.
[wind blowing]
These tumbleweed are like tribble.
Like a slow motion swarm of tribble trying to knock down the fence.
Sun's getting low, but I missed a spot back here.
[wind blowing]
[eagle screech]
[eagle screech]
[eagle screech]
I think she's not very happy about me being here.
[eagle screech]
Oh ho.
I've got to go in there.
[wind blowing]
[door opens] clunk
[metal clanking]
That's what you want me to think.
[drawer pulling] click, click
[with disappointment] Oh.
[drawer opens] clink
[paper shuffling]
[drawer closes]
Oh God, I can't see anything down that corridor.
Alright. Strategic Pride.
Let's go down there.
[slow footsteps]
[with a sigh] Okay.
We're gonna stop here.
[brisk footsteps]
I'm more than a little terrified of these doors locking behind me.
It's not like you can make an emergency cell phone
call from an underground bunker.
[footsteps continue]
If I've learned anything about the way these places work,
this staircase should take me …
to a hole, where that top part was.
[with a sigh] Yeah. If it was under there.
It's got to go up into this building.
[lock door jiggle]
It's another one of these building on tracks.
Oooh. There's a storm coming in. [eagle screech]
I really should start to skedaddle.
[slow footsteps]
Because this one's locked, I want to get in the most.
Oh, sweet. [eagle screech]
[brisk footsteps on metal stairs]
There's also these little windows to look in.
[clanking noises]
[straining noises]
Are these windows supposed to line up with…
[crickets chirping]
[metal banging] clank, thud, thud
[footsteps on gravel]
[eagle screech]
Oh yes.
[metal door opening] clank.
So these three holes must match the three holes on the outside...
Alright, these three holes on the outside…
So what does that mean though?
So if I stand here, and turn right around.
I'm looking at that building.
I guess that thing must move off to the side?
I have to figure out how this actually works.
Ok, we're really almost out of daylight.
[with a sigh] Time to go.
[wind blowing, increasingly louder]
Ooph. Didn't quite make it out before the storm.
[wind blowing]
It's a little much tumbleweed.
Take it down a notch.
[wind blowing]
Ahhhh. Huahhh.
[wind blowing, increasingly louder]
[Tesla safety noise] ding, ding, ding
[gate closing] clank
[lock locking] click
[wind blowing loudly]
[crickets chirping]


Exploring an Abandoned Missile Engine Test Site

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