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So let's then talk about workplaces at level two.
Businesses can restart for staff and for customers,
services can be provided on customers premises,
for example in people's homes
and people who haven't been into their office spaces can return,
but with good hygiene practices in place.
That brings me to the issue of gatherings.
Our journey and understanding this virus has also led us to reaffirm
that at level two, indoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 100.
Do want to just acknowledge that is a maximum.
Of course, many venues for their fire regulations will not be able
to have that many and many will not be able to physically seat that many
But we have also learned a lot through this journey
and that means we will also limit outdoor gatherings to 100 people also.
For managed events like weddings, music events, religious services, funerals,
these can be held at level two when we get there
but with all the same public health guidance and with the 100 person limit.
You no longer need to stick to your bubble.
You can begin seeing family and friends again
but we do want you to hang on to the same principles that we are using generally
and hospitality,
issues around space and hygiene and contact tracing.
If we have large-scale events held in people's home then all of that
becomes harder.
That is why at alert level two we are saying that you can have
friends and family over to your home but keep the numbers small.
At level two, playgrounds, gyms, pools and public courts are permitted to reopen
subject to meeting the required public health measures.
All water activities can resume, some community sports will be able to return
to play more quickly than others while the necessary health requirements
are worked through.
So we ask that you give your club a chance to get up and running again
and to work through some of those issues.
We all want to get back to sport but we want to take enough time
to do it safely and to look after those who are involved in it.
Professional sport will be able to resume domestically under level two
with the necessary public health measures in place.
Super rugby and the netball premiership league have already confirmed
their intention to resume a domestic competition at alert level two,
which I know will be cause for great excitement for many.
The rules around mass gatherings will still apply so there won't be
any stadium crowds for now but sport will be played.


ニュージーランドのアーダン首相は新型コロナ警戒レベルをレベル2に引き下げた規制内容を述べる (Jacinda Ardern outlines New Zealand's level-2 coronavirus restrictions)

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