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  • Is it possible that action star Harrison Ford is funnier than comedy veteran Will Ferrell? Well, we're about to find out, because this isMovie Night”!

    アクションスターのハリソン・フォードがコメディのベテラン、ウィル・フェレルよりも面白いことは可能でしょうか?さて、これは "映画の夜 "なので、私たちは、見つけるために約しています

  • *theme song plays*


  • Hello, and welcome toMovie Night.” I'm your host, Jonathan Paula.

    "映画の夜 "にようこそホストのジョナサン・ポーラです

  • Tonight on the program, we'll be taking a look at two films that are brand-new to DVD, the first of which is the big-budget CGI superhero film from Dreamworks Animation, "Megamind."


  • StarringSaturday Night Livealumni Will Ferrell and Tina Fey in the two lead roles, “Megamindis a familiar blend of films we've seen before...

    サタデーナイトライブ "の卒業生ウィル・フェレルとティナ・フェイが二人の主役を演じる "メガマインド "は、私たちが以前に見たことがある映画のおなじみのブレンドです...

  • mixing together elements from "The Incredibles" and "Despicable Me" for a surprisingly exciting 96 minutes.

    The Incredibles"と"Despicable Me"からの要素を混ぜ合わせ、驚くほどエキサイティングな96分間を提供しています。

  • Ferrell stars in the title role as an evil supervillian who finds himself hopelessly lost after he finally kills his crime-fighting nemesis, Metroman.


  • Not one to sit around and rule Metro City, which he mistakenly refers to as Metrocity, with an evil fist...


  • he instead decides to create his own hero, to give him someone to fight against.


  • Tiny Fey voices local news reporter Roxanne Ritchi, and portrays her Lois Lane, damsel-in-distress character...


  • with a hilarious amount of unaffected sarcasm over her constant kidnappings.


  • At one point, she even requests that her "frequent kidnapping card" be stamped...

    ある時点で、彼女も彼女の" frequent kidnapping card" be stampedを要求する...

  • only to be disappointed when Megamind informs her that they've since "discontinued that program."

    Megamindが彼女に通知したときに失望するだけで、彼らは've since "discontinued that program.&quot.

  • The film showcases the interesting and often untold perspective of the villain, exploring the "what if" scenario of the bad guys actually winning.

    フィルムは、悪役の興味深いとしばしば語られていない視点を紹介し、"what if"悪者が実際に勝利のシナリオを模索しています。

  • By the second act, though, the film quickly descends back to a comfort zone of familiarity...


  • becoming just another animated adventure film of good versus evil. Luckily, though, the action and comedy never let up throughout the film...


  • which, besides thoroughly keeping my attention, did enough to distract me from the predictable plot.


  • All of the characters here receive a good deal of depth, and their real-world counterparts do a fantastic job of bringing them to life with their respective performances.


  • The film is funny, too, and just not because of the slapstick humor you've seen a dozen times in the trailer...


  • but rather from some refreshingly witty and clever lines of dialogue that certainly bring this movie above the bar of mediocrity.


  • It's an exciting and gorgeously animated film that deserves to be seen in high definition, if possible.


  • Dreamworks isn't yet on par with Pixar, but this film is perhaps the closest they've come in recent memory.


  • "Megamind"- "Refreshing family fun, if formulaic."

    "Megamind" - "さわやかな家族の楽しみ、もし定型的な。

  • Well, that's what I thought about the movie. Now, let's see what you had to say in the YouTube comments.


  • The Rate-o-Matic now, to show us how we both scored "Megamind.”


  • A “7” and an “8”! This film is perhaps Dreamworks Animations' best film in years, but it's also very predictable. I thought it wascool.”

    7」と「8」!この映画は、おそらくドリームワークス・アニメーションズのここ数年で最高の映画だと思いますが、予想がつきやすい映画でもあります。私はそれが "クール "だと思いました。

  • Most of you really enjoyed this film, able to overlook its shortcomings, scoring it a “great.”

    ほとんどの人がこの映画を本当に楽しんでいて、その欠点を見落とすことができ、それを "素晴らしい "と評価してくれた。

  • Tonight's second film is the comedy-drama released last November, "Morning Glory."

    今夜の第二作目は、昨年11月に公開されたコメディドラマ、"Morning Glory.&quotです。

  • Rachel McAdams practically carries this movie, starring as Becky Fuller, an energetic producer for a local morning news program...


  • who finally gets the chance of a career when she is offered a job running "Daybreak," a fledging national program...


  • similar to "Today" or "Good Morning America" that needs a huge ratings boost to keep it from getting canceled.

    similar to "Today" or "Good Morning America" that needs huge ratings boost to keep it from getting canceled.

  • Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford star as the veteran co-anchors for this program who seem to constantly be annoying each other when off-camera.


  • Jeff Goldblum is featured as Becky's unscrupulous boss who cares only about ratings, showing little faith in young Becky's abilities to turn the show around.


  • Sadly, though, Goldblum seems mostly wasted here. His normally zippy and ambitious persona is dampened by boring and expositional writing.


  • Luckily, the opposite is true of Ford, who absolutely shines as Mike Pomeroy, a respected and dignified Tom Brokaw-esque anchor...


  • of decades past now forced to host the cheesy morning program because of a clause in his contract.


  • Nearly every laugh in this film comes from Pomeroy's stubbornness and grumpy demeanor, hilariously refusing to report on any story that isn't hard news.


  • Ford is obviously best known for his iconic roles in action-adventure films, but I've also been a huge fan of his work in funnier roles, too...


  • likeSix Days, Seven Nights,” “The Frisco Kid,” andHollywood Homicide,” all movies which...


  • unfortunately, likeMorning Glory," didn't perform very well at the box office.


  • Opposite Ford's scene-stealing charisma is Diane Keaton, who, similar to Goldblum...

    フォードの対極にいるのはダイアン キートンで、ゴールドブラムと同じように...

  • receives little to do in this story, and is mostly present just to give Ford someone to make fun of.


  • At its heart, though, this film is Becky's story of self-discovery and determination, leaving her small town behind to attempt a fast-paced career in New York television...


  • with her adversarial relationship with Pomeroy serving as the emotional backbone of the story.


  • Relying on an almost excessive usage of musical montage, we are witness to the show-within-a show...


  • asDaybreakgoes from a nearly canceled program in 4th place to a hilariously over-the-top show that uses stunts and gimmicks to compete for ratings.

    デイブレイク "は、4位でほぼキャンセルされた番組から、視聴率を競うためにスタントやギミックを使用した陽気なオーバーザトップの番組になりました。

  • Feeling mostly like a fun, light-hearted romantic comedy sans most of the cheesy romance...


  • "Morning Glory" does plenty here to keep you invested in these characters for 107 minutes.

    "Morning Glory"は107分間、あなたがこれらの文字に投資し続けるためにここにたくさんのことをしています。

  • But the film hesitates to really do anything original, staying well within the confines of its genre.


  • While I attended Emerson College in 2007, I served as the director of "Good Morning, Emerson" for a semester, a live morning news show that felt just likeDaybreak.”

    私は2007年にエマーソンカレッジに出席している間、私は一学期のためのディレクターを務めていた"Good Morning, Emerson"の, ライブの朝のニュースショーは、ちょうど "Daybreak "のように感じた。

  • So, I, for one, really got a huge kick out of this film's sarcastically affectionate portrayal of the TV news industry. But I'm not certain the same holds true for everyone.


  • In any event, "Morning Glory" is "heartwarmingly amusing, but hardly original."

    いずれにしても、"Morning Glory"は"heartwarmingly amusing, but hardly original.&quot.です。

  • Well, those were my thoughts onMorning Glory.” Now, let’s see what you had to say in the YouTube comments.

    以上、"モーニング・グローリー "の感想でした。では、YouTubeのコメント欄にあった感想を見てみましょう。

  • To rateMorning Glory,” let's bring in the Rate-o-Matic.


  • A “goodand analright”! Honestly, this movie wasn't anything terribly special, but Harrison Ford was hilarious; I gave this movie a “6” out of “10.”

    良い」と「まあまあ」!正直言って、この映画は何も特別なものではありませんでしたが、ハリソン・フォードは陽気で、私はこの映画に "10 "のうち "6 "を与えました。

  • Although none of you were really impressed by this film, none of you hated it, either. You scored it a “5" out of "10."

    あなたの誰もが本当にこの映画に感銘を受けたが、あなたの誰もがそれを嫌っていませんでした。あなたはそれを "5" out of "10.&quot "を採点しました。

  • But that does it for tonight's films. So, now, let's take a look at what's currently playing in theaters, with some Tweet Critiques.


  • Remember, if you're going to the movies this weekend, make sure to submit your Twitter review, using the #JPMN hashtag, to have it featured on an upcoming episode.


  • Next week, we'll be taking a look at "The Next Three Days," an exciting thriller starring Russell Crowe...

    来週、私たちは'llは見てみましょう"The Next Three Days, "ラッセル・クロウ主演のエキサイティングなスリラー...

  • and "The Tourist," an action/romance movie starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie that is set in Venice, Italy.

    とquot;The Tourist,quot;ジョニー・デップとアンジェリーナ・ジョリーが主演したアクション/ロマンス映画で、イタリアのヴェネツィアを舞台にしています。

  • Both are brand-new to DVD this month, so, as always, I encourage you to buy, rent, or download them before next week's episode...


  • and let me know what you think about them by voting in the polls below, or by leaving me a comment review.


  • Until next time, my name is Jonathan Paula. Thank you for watchingMovie Night.” I hope to see you right back here next Friday!

    次回まで 私の名前はジョナサン・ポーラです"映画の夜 "を見てくれてありがとうまた来週の金曜日にお会いしましょう!

  • *end credits play*


  • Thank you again for watching tonight's episode of "Movie Night."

    今夜は見てくれてありがとうございます's EPISODE OF "Movie Night.&quot.

  • I recorded tonight's entire episode in front of a live Ustream audience, filming and editing.


  • So, if you'd like to watch the entire process in real time, a behind-the-scenes look at the show...


  • click the link I left you down below, and you can check out the whole process.


  • And you can finally know the answer to whether or not I actually wear pants with this suit top!


  • Again, thank you for watching. I hope to see you next week!


  • *Remember to tune in to the season 10 premiere of the microwave show on April 1st!*


Is it possible that action star Harrison Ford is funnier than comedy veteran Will Ferrell? Well, we're about to find out, because this isMovie Night”!

アクションスターのハリソン・フォードがコメディのベテラン、ウィル・フェレルよりも面白いことは可能でしょうか?さて、これは "映画の夜 "なので、私たちは、見つけるために約しています


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