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Evening everyone. I thought that I would jump online quickly and just chicken with
everyone really as we all prepare to hunker down for a few weeks.
Excuse the casual attire. It can be a messy business putting toddlers to bed
so I'm not in my work clothes so forgive me for that.
I do just want to prepare everyone that because of the lag with covid-19,
the time from someone having contact with someone who has it
catching it themselves then being symptomatic and being tested and positive,
it's a number of days before all of that happens so we won't see
the positive benefits of all of the effort you were about to put in
for self isolation for a lot ... for a few days yet. Quite a quite a number of days.
I'd say at least 10 days so, don't be disheartened.
Our numbers are going to go up and the modelling I've seen suggests
that they will go up quite considerably.
We'll see quite a steep rise.
In fact I'm expecting we may see several thousand cases
over a period of time until we then will start to, we hope,
see the effects of what we're doing with self isolation having a positive impact.
So don't be disheartened when you see that.
Don't be disheartened when you see that ongoing increase
because of that lag, all of the efforts that we're putting in should eventually show
if we all follow the rules.
Til then, do check in on your neighbours, do especially chicken on those
who may be elderly.
Give them a call see what their needs are and if you can help them,
go out and grab their essentials and pop them on the front door for them.
I'm just remembering the way we can keep them safe is by keeping our distance.
Remember, stay at home, break the chain and you'll save lives and it's as simple as that.
That's everyone's job for the next four months.


ニュージーランド首相、ジャシンダ・アーダーンのライブ配信Jacinda Ardern hosts coronavirus Q&A from home after putting child to bed

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