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  • Dear Food,

  • You probably already know this, but I need you.

  • You bring my family together, you sweeten my celebrations, you make my deals, you satisfy

  • my senses, and you keep me alive.

  • You work so hard to make all of this possible, spending your life growing in the field, the

  • factory farm, or the sea. I try to be good to you - I give you half of my land, two thirds

  • of the freshwater I consume, a tenth of my energy, and one-sixth of my workforce.

  • But I want to apologize.

  • Because after all that, you deserve to be eaten. But instead, I throw away almost half

  • of you - enough calories to feed 150 million people. From harvest to home, I waste half

  • of all fruits, vegetables and seafood, and a third of all grains. I'm better to meat

  • and dairy, wasting only 20 percent, but this is a double waste, because essentially I'm

  • also dumping the grain or grass the animals ate to make the muscle or milk.

  • And I waste you in many ways:

  • Sometimes I leave you in the field to die because it costs more to harvest you than

  • you're worth. Other times, I mistakenly damage, contaminate, or spill you. Or, I reject you

  • when you're imperfect, because I judge by appearance.

  • But mostly I squander you in supermarkets, restaurants and homes, when you are so close

  • to being eaten.

  • I offer too much of you, so I take too much and I can't finish you, or I can't sell all

  • of you. At home I forget about you or I cook too much and don't know how to store you.

  • Or maybe I just don't like leftovers.

  • Part of the problem is that on average, I spend a smaller fraction of my household budget

  • on you than in any other country or any time in history, and my spending is spread out

  • over days and weeks so I don't notice the cost of wasting you.

  • But my lack of noticing adds up: I devote four California's worth of land and more water

  • than all non-agricultural water consumption combined - just to grow food that doesn't

  • get eaten.

  • This is not your fault - it's mine. Only I can buy less of you and eat more of what I

  • do buy. Only I can accept your imperfections, realize that "best-before" doesn't mean "use-by,"

  • and store you better. In general, I need to learn more about you - because this is about

  • us and our relationship.

  • I help you grow, and then I eat you. Anything else is a waste.

  • Food was wasted in the making of this video.

  • Thanks to the Food Policy Research Center at the University of Minnesota for supporting

  • the research that led to this video. To learn more, click on the link in the description

  • to read Alex's Issue Brief about food waste.

Dear Food,


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食品へのラブレター (Love Letter to Food)

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