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with the language, and I'm not being so comfortable in it.
But you know, you so get over it, cause you know, you saw the still do these experiences.
Who made you eat it?
I'm looking at you.
I made a meeting on people were just up against the window like like waving at us and looking through the window.
And I felt like like, how is this celebrity?
Hey, guys and gals on as Japanese.
It's cat, the cat.
You are here in Japan.
You might as well try and take some new challenges.
That's what we're going to go and ask.
Go Now, That was a first for my number.
Well, anyways, that's what we're going to go on as foreigners here in Japan, what kind of challenge they would like to do and what China challenges they have done.
And at the end of the video, I'm gonna tell you three great challenges that I have done here in Japan.
It I've done them and I completed anyone damn proud of it anyway, So let's says subscribe and start the video as foreignness Independence.
I say the change in the different environment of campus life because I don't feel as though, say, the school I goto.
There's not much community.
I would say, Yeah, because the school I go back at home is Fort Lewis College and we're very involved with students, and we probably so many differ activities.
So it was a culture shock coming from a place that so very uplifting to somewhere more.
It's more business.
But there is, I would say, more advantages because it involves.
Basically, it prepares you for how life will will be working.
What is your biggest challenge then, for you personally?
What do you think?
Maybe making friends and networking.
Even when you talk to international students, it's hard to get over those cultural differences and especially respect their culture.
You don't any steps to like make beta networking happen already thinks you want to try.
From now, I want to try involving myself more in groups instead of singularly going up.
They're not going after people, but, you know, talking to singularity people.
But to do more of a group work, I guess.
What challenge did you already complete anything way like Buddha was challenging?
But I did this in Japan and I didn't probably one of the more easier challenges to go through but dealing with doing things basically all by yourself, not in terms of, like, you know, moving to Japan or like study in Japan, but just like the very little things, like going to lunch and going that's basically anywhere.
And then having that, I guess support from, you know, the country of Japan, where it's like it's not weird in a sense, to go to size area by yourself in heat.
Yeah, it's very, very nice because it's mainly, like, usually go in a group or in Paris.
So it's very odd to see one person just by themselves.
Yeah, very, very on with, like, the language.
And I'm not being so comfortable in it.
But you know, you so get over it cause you know, you saw the still do these experiences.
Any challenge you failed so far, I would say with the making friends because I went up, went out of it, are went towards it and the wrong way, I would say, Basically, what I usually do is that I go and I see someone who like I'm interested in.
I'm like, Hey, they would I would want to be friends with, um and I go When I talked to them, however, I realized that seems really weird in Japan.
People don't really do that, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's very weird in Japan.
So that's where I failed.
But, you know, trying to find a new way of looking at it from a different perspective.
Maybe because you're hot to make new friends and everything, like coming at first.
It's like, OK, yeah, it's nice and everything.
But then, if you are lonely, like for a long time, once you get used to the city and that and stop being like, so surprised about everything, like you start to like miss your family or your friends or lonely until you get your friends, how did you overcome that loneliness?
Well, I started going out on first, getting together with Argentinian people on also in the restaurant like since.
Also, since people are usually shy at first, it's harder on like they're not like maybe like Latino Marie, like in Latin America, people are much more open.
Your friend.
Yeah, in some way, like first, they are shy, so it goes really slowly.
Also, not only Japanese friends and red, but only also since I worked out of our senior restaurant Waas really international, like many people from Sri Lanka or Brazilians or other countries.
So yeah, and they are also like foreigners that come to Japan and so already really open to like being friendly, get myself toe like not which is the fermented beans.
And I tried that before.
I didn't love it, but I want to get exposed to it more so I can start to learn to love it.
Why would you do that to yourself?
Why not?
I think it's good.
Thio Thio appreciate different things and if you don't appreciate them, at least learn to appreciate it.
You already doing your thing but doing the mandatory I will eat.
Didn't that didn't like it?
But why would you keep going on from there?
That's just how I work.
That's my mentality.
Who made you eat it?
I'm looking at you.
I made immediate I love it so much.
So now I see you're trying to like it so you can have it together for breakfast.
Yesterday we did the very first like self service restaurant where you go to the machine and order from the machine.
And then you go and take your ticket to the place.
That was my first experience.
I studied deputies for five years, so I can speak a little bit.
But like Khan, June released, still struggling.
Yeah, So I use the English version on the mentioning to help us, uh, like trying to use the language as much as possible during this day.
Is talent as a challenge?
Because I tend to just try things anyway, usually side Well, I don't know if I have, like, challenged myself to anything, but I guess it's more of like if I see something new, like more, especially with food.
If I see something like I haven't tried before, I'll just feel like, Oh, let's order this one.
Let's see what this is like.
So let things like with, like, knocked over and stuff like that.
Just trying to challenge yourself these nacho good.
You pass that you like.
You like it.
It's pungent, but it's good.
It's a good bit of rice.
When I came here last time, it was on a school trip, so we got to do in exchange, So I think it was actually a bit of a challenge, sitting in the Japanese classroom, surrounded by Japanese people.
And then it was listening and not like, actually had to study.
Thank God.
But I was.
That was a bit of a challenge in itself, being the only foreigner and a full Japanese school, and everyone's wearing the same uniform and everything like that.
That was a bit of a challenge.
Yeah, it was really fun.
What calls to show, What difference did you feel when you were at school?
I think because I'm from New Zealand, where it's so normal to walk past someone who's, uh, Arabic, like us, our Arabic or Indian or Chinese or Korean.
It's just it's so normal to see someone you want.
Don't even look twice.
Whereas we had one class that was just us foreign students, they were doing a a special class for us, and people were just up against the window like like waving at us and looking through the window.
And I felt like about like, How is this celebrity?
That was I think that's a big culture.
Shock is just I think everyone is so not used to seeing partners.
I think it's changed over the years of it, but yeah, that was one thing, sport, because I miss him.
But until now, I didn't try it.
And I don't want to try, uh, because there's so many dishes here with pork, right?
Before Indonesia, I was training Kendall, and when I come to Japan, it's like a little bit hard to find a place to train, to come back training hard because you didn't know how the difference between the training continues E and training here.
So that is it hard to find a school?
It's hard to talk that you have background about the sports before You can really tell the teacher I've done this before.
Yeah, so if you want to train here, so you need to back from beginning three massive challenges I have done here in Japan.
One of it is writing on the fastest roller coaster That was a crazy one.
And that was fairly recent me at another YouTube re, we went to Fujiki Highland and went on the fastest jet coaster there.
That's that's on my personal channel.
Another thing that I've done, I've been on one off the boat, erases race boats which are like tiny boats on behind me.
Worse, like the speed driver who was an actual racer and she pushes, like in that boat, are on the corner.
It was crazy, like my lashes.
My fake lashes flew off because she was so fast.
That's another thing that's also on my channel on Finally, which I'm still the proudest off because it took me three years to complete its climbing mont strategy all the way to the top.
It's not as easy as it sounds.
It was hard, you had rain, it was cold.
People were getting out and sickness.
So finally, after three tries, I made it, and a bunch of the top in the made a video about it, and I cried, and it was wonderful and proud.
Glad I did it.
Find out more about that stuff.
Come over to my personal cello.
On that note.
What are the greatest challenges you have done, or what kind of challenges would you like to get incomplete when he comes?
What is known The Comets looking forward to finding out.


外国人が日本で直面したチャレンジってなに!? (New Challenges Foreigners in Japan are taking)

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