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  • this is not.

  • It doesn't mask up.

  • Its name is in Attica, and it's the shape of Airplane High, where crystalline Kanye travel pockets were sisters who are half American and half Japanese.

  • And we love to travel the world in style.

  • We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.

  • That's why we love traveling so much way Post videos weekly and would love free to subscribe to our channel.

  • Always along on all of our adventures.

  • Way means Mountain Place airplane watching, like always a bunch of cameramen here liked up watching the plane.

  • Either they're like, but it looks like most of them go out.

  • I think some of them above us, but I haven't seen one, sure, but the cool thing about this park is which, unfortunately, can't see.

  • Right now, it's got a ton of cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

  • This place is amazing, hoping maybe we'll have time to back later in the week.

  • Nice area, nice parks.

  • A lot of kids, just like a photo shoot with dog.

  • Last time around here, there's around sunset time, which is really nice fighting.

  • It's really cool to see all the planes.

  • They also have a bill before listing all the planes that come through these terminals because terminal Wythe come here to look at some hot during this season.

  • Watch airplanes.

  • It was just like a nice part to walk around.

  • They have a building down there.

  • Use restaurants like actually building here.

  • Now they not have it, but they have a building with a gift shop.

  • If you're hungry, it's nice to have a little lunch while you're watching the please hear something or they have, like a lot of benches around here to you.

  • Also suck it out means cherry way.

  • Just so you say it's not going all the time, but very smooth cherry blossoms on the Hill Park Light snacks out here.

  • This looks so good.

  • Racks Unit were actually like a little eating area here.

  • In order some food, you can order some food here, and this is kind of like the gift shop here, so they, like every city, has like their own mascot that has their own mask.

  • Thing is not, it doesn't mask up.

  • Its name is in Attica and it's the shape of airplane.

  • That's all these goods so they have this awesome.

  • What do you call these days?

  • Photo ops.

  • They have, like this awesome up here that we would like to do.

  • Who wants?

  • I like that crystal down.

this is not.


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日本のさくらの山から成田空港付近を飛ぶ飛行機を見る (Watch Airplanes Fly Near Narita Airport from Sakura no Yama in Japan)

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