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  • Charlie Brown.

  • It's the last Sunday of vacation.

  • Still haven't written my book report on Gulliver's Travels.

  • E haven't even started to read it yet.

  • Why don't I get started?

  • Why do I put things off?

  • What's wrong with me?

  • Way School doesn't just start it leaps right out at you.

  • Gulliver's Travels, Part one, Chapter one.

  • Good grief, This book as 254 pages.

  • I'll start reading it tonight.

  • What grade did you get on your book?

  • Report?

  • Charlie Brown, D minus That's is low as you can get without failing.

  • The teacher said it looked like the sort of report that was written after midnight on the last day of vacation.

  • What could I say?

  • I congratulated her on her remarkable, perceptive ity.

  • Hope Age, I hope.

  • All right, I thought maybe you could help me.

  • What do you want to know?

  • Who did he play for?

  • You should look him up in the encyclopedia.

  • Don't be ridiculous.

  • E hate him and things like that.

  • Maybe I'll be lucky and they'll be something about him.

  • On TV Way put on George Washington.

  • George Washington was a great man.

  • He probably had some thoughts, but if he did.

  • I don't know what they were.

  • Wait.

  • She's destined.

  • Well, yes, ma'am.

  • That's fiery plate.

  • A little love and understanding dog break.

  • Yes, ma'am.

  • A dog break is when you get to go home to see if your dog misses you or need you for anything.

  • Nice try, Charlie Brown.

  • Ma'am.

  • What you just told us is really fascinating.

  • So what I'd like to do right now is run home and tell him all about what you just taught us.

  • Very nice try.

  • I'm sorry, man.

  • I can't seem to concentrate.

  • I keep thinking about my poor dog being alone all day with nothing todo I'm going to tell you about.

  • What do I see there?

  • Far off a threatening went on the horizon.

  • Reputation tremble in you.

  • Here's Black Eagle, the world famous pirate leading in scurvy bandage.

  • Didn't you tell what stocky supposed to wear?

  • Only why patch flies toward him.

  • That's our pirate in a parrot.

  • That stupid dog at a useless bird todo over black ma'am, I thought that pirates start their parents to talk, right?

  • Sorry, man.

  • He can't do two things at Lens.

  • Oh, no.

  • Sorry, ma'am.

  • You can't give my shoe Intel agreed.

  • It's already than option for a screen adaptation in Hollywood.

  • Would you please take a photo of me, Charlie Brown?

  • I've decided to run for class President, and I need a good campaign photo.

  • Well, I think that to increase your chance of winning, you need an idea that will reinforce your visibility.

  • That'll bring you closer to people, you know, Like like like a photo with a dog.

  • Everyone loves dogs.

  • Okay, let's do it.

  • Oh, yes.

  • That's already much, much better.

  • This is stupid.

  • It'll never work.

  • And anyway, you can't be class president.

  • Pick Penn your mess and you have no dignity.

  • Okay, Woodstock, turn on the way.

  • Sorry you didn't get elected class, President Pigpen.

  • You said having a campaign photo of me and a dog would do it, but nobody voted for me.

  • They all voted for the dog thief.

Charlie Brown.


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