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  • I've been eating tacos my whole life.

  • I'm pretty sure I'm like 48% taco at this point.

  • I love tacos because they're the food that doesn't give up on you.

  • And they follow the rules of a hot dog.

  • But they have the energy of a sandwich.

  • They're very much like pizza.

  • But better I prepared for today by eating a whole head of lettuce because I saw in a documentary that that's what you're supposed to dio.

  • So I did.

  • How sweet will be to win.

  • No, maybe retire Move to this out of France have always wanted to do woodworking.

  • My strategy is psychological warfare.

  • I'm going to eat these tacos in such an attractive manner.

  • Everyone else were stunned.

  • Hey, guys, I'm Raina Hong.

  • I'm also known as rinos crazy, and I am a competitive eater.

  • Oh, boy.

  • I ate 40 street tacos in 20 minutes.

  • I also ate a burger with 50 Patties in it.

  • I had a £20 brahma bull.

  • I absolutely love tacos, So I am ready to eat.

  • And I am really, really hungry right now.

  • This is the tiny taco eating contest.

  • Smells off deliver.

  • Really?

  • I honestly just wanted to pay for these.

  • You've made such a huge dent, your urine, their pictures.

  • Good.

  • I got through the race.

  • I think I may have eaten 50 already.

  • I'm gonna say no happen but Bill Energy down.

  • Just killing it over here.

  • This is amazing.

  • No, The real winner.

  • Justin.

  • Avocado, Lime.

  • I'm hitting that wall.

  • How, though?

  • Seriously.

  • How e I mean, I'll just help yourself.

  • Good.

  • No, Tiny.

  • But so does That's it.

  • It doesn't even look like I ate any of.

  • They pack a lot of flavor for, like, a tiny taco.

  • Like, Wow, I ate 10.5 tacos today.

  • 8 15 tacos.

  • And I'm pretty proud of that.

  • I ate 22 a half tacos.

  • I'm really disappointed in myself.

  • I don't know.

  • I guess I'll just give up that south of France.

  • Dream.

  • It was so silly.

  • Anyway, I ate 65.

  • They were really delicious with That definitely helped me eat it a lot faster.

I've been eating tacos my whole life.


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あなたはいくつの小さなタコスを食べることができますか?ジャック イン ザ ボックスで // プレゼンツ (How Many Tiny Tacos Can You Eat? // Presented by Jack In The Box)

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