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  • quick thinking on your part.

  • Herring Using a resort?

  • Yes.

  • We're very proud of your student, Horace.

  • Oh, yes.

  • Very proud.

  • I think we agree.

  • Fortress actions were heroic.

  • The question is, fiber Mississippi, I indeed.

  • This appears to be a gift, Horace.

  • You don't remember who gave it.

  • This body, by the way, possesses remarkably subtle hints of liquors and cherry.

  • We're not polluted with poison.

  • Actually, I had intended to give it a gift myself.

  • To whom I might house to you had must.

  • That's even asking for me.

  • I ask you the same question.

  • I happened to be his girlfriend.

  • Have to be friend.

  • Maybe I haven't spoken in weeks.

  • That's why I want to break up with him now that he suddenly all interesting.

  • He's been poisoned.

  • Timbo, further back.

  • What?

  • I've always found him interesting.

  • I see.

  • He senses my presence.

  • Are you 11?

  • I'm here.

  • I'm here.

  • Mine?

  • Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting.

  • Oh, come over, everybody.

  • Mr.

  • Weasley is well tended.

  • About time, don't you think?

  • Thank you.

quick thinking on your part.


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病院のロン|ハリー・ポッターと半純血のプリンス (Ron in the Hospital | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

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