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  • I am Sigrid Olson, and I am a fashion designer slash retreat leader.

  • I started my business and I was a little just a company of one, and that it grew and grew and grew to hundreds of people and meetings and all kinds of stuff like that.

  • That was complicated.

  • And now I'm back to just being me, a company of one.

  • I outsource a couple of things, but it's a wonderful feeling to be able to just come up with an idea and do it.

  • The school came to me at a time in my life where I was undergoing a difficult period in my business, and I needed something really positive to look forward to and to get up for every morning and put all because I have so much creative energy I needed to put it into something that I knew would move me forward and be school was exactly that.

  • After B school, I was able to really embrace my past because people know me as a fashion designer but also embrace my present and future with yoga and art retreats that I dio and what I found Waas getting women together.

  • That's like my thing.

  • I love gathering women together and in a creative environment, I found that I could melt the to.

  • My creativity is what I'm teaching, but it's also what I'm offering in the products that I design.

  • Well, part of the school is to communicate who you are in a very genuine way.

  • And I think more than anything else, that's what I gained from it.

  • And I'm really not done.

  • I mean, I'm a work in progress and V school.

  • Help me just say that's okay, that's what's happening.

  • You're evolving, you're changing.

  • You're taking people that know you for your product and offering them an experience.

  • And honestly, that's so much more meaningful if somebody comes to me and they have actually asked me about the school and what I like about it, it is so custom oriented towards who you are as a person and in taking everything all your strengths, your skills, your passions, your love, your joy and bringing it into a very practical realm.

I am Sigrid Olson, and I am a fashion designer slash retreat leader.


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"1億ドルのファッションブランドが閉店したとき、B-Schoolは私に新しい情熱を与えてくれました。"| シグリッド・オルセンのB-Schoolレビュー (“When My $100M Fashion Label Closed, B-School Gave Me New Passion.” | Sigrid Olsen’s B-School Review)

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