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  • For centuries, England's story

  • has been written on church walls

  • and castle ceilings in every corner

  • of the nation. Conserving these

  • precious wall paintings is like drawing

  • back the curtain on the lives of those who

  • shaped who we are. From the

  • damp English climate to failed early

  • 20th century restoration attempts,

  • to the very buildings they are housed in,

  • these irreplaceable artworks,

  • some even older than those in the

  • Sistine Chapel, risk disappearing

  • from view altogether. But,

  • it's not too late to stop them being lost.

  • At English Heritage we look after

  • the largest collection of wall paintings

  • in the country and our team of experts

  • work tirelessly to save them.

  • With your donation today,

  • we can care for more of these treasures

  • sooner, and stop their stories

  • vanishing for good. We are now

  • embarking on a nationwide conservation

  • project to preserve the

  • wall paintings at 76 of our

  • historic sites, your support

  • will help keep these fragile paintings

  • visible for future generations to enjoy.

  • Visit support us

  • on the English Heritage website

  • to make a donation. Thank you.

For centuries, England's story


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ストーリーを保存する壁画の保護に協力しましょう (Save our Story: Help Protect Wall Paintings)

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