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  • The international mystery North Korean leader Kim Jong un has not been seen in two weeks.

  • At the same time, speculation grows over his health.

  • Here's ABC senior foreign correspondent in panel with what we know tonight.

  • Where is North Korean leader Kim Jong UN Rumors and speculation about his health spreading.

  • Here's what we know who was last seen in public April 11th when he attended a meeting, according to state media, however, just four days later, April 15th and Kim's absent from key celebrations marking the birth of his grandfather, North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung.

  • So it's now over two weeks since he's being seen in public.

  • But it's not the first time it's happened.

  • He was absent from public view for six weeks in 2014 reappearing with a cane.

  • It was explained as ankle surgery, overweight, a regular smoker.

  • Some now feel this time could be different.

  • Western intelligence in North Korea is so bad that we have no way to verify or to deny these rumors.

  • But we have no idea we can't Onley wait until the North Koreans themselves tell us whether Kim is alive or dead.

  • Now, the think tank 38 North has released these images of what they say appears to be Kim's train at his compound since at least April 21st.

  • It's unclear what that means for Kim's health, but given the Corona virus pandemic, the regime could simply be being cautious.

  • Although Pyongyang hasn't admitted it has any cases, people in the capital have Bean seen wearing masks.

  • And weeks ago, officials around him during a missile launch were also wearing them.

  • President Trump pouring cold water on the speculation last week.

  • I just have to say to Kim Jong Un, I wish him very, you know, good luck, good luck now, a South Korean official telling ABC News.

  • They believe the North Supreme leader is residing outside of Pyongyang with AIDS in a normal state.

  • The special adviser to the South Korean president, also insisting Kim Jong un is alive and well.

  • Tom, the state newspaper, issuing a statement saying that Kim had been thanking workers.

  • But crucially there were no dates and no photos, and I think until Kim appears again in public and doubts about his health and the well being of the nation are going to persist, Tom, we will monitor any developments from that region.

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