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  • Hello. My name is Cindy Chang and I cover the safety

  • and security, financial services, plastics and chemical industries.

  • I will focus my remarks on safety and security opportunties

  • in Taiwan. Due to increased concern for

  • public safety and natural disasters

  • the safety and security industry has emerged as a promising market for US

  • companies. Imports of high end products will grow

  • due to strong demand and relatively weak domestic competition.

  • The import market is expected to increase annually

  • by five to ten percent. American safety and security products

  • enjoy an excellent reputation in Taiwan and are highly regarded

  • for their product design, quality and state of the art

  • technology. The best prospects for

  • US companies are fire protection equipment, access control

  • and surveillance equipment and web based information security systems.

  • During the most recent economic downturn,

  • security is the area that most of the companies were not willing

  • to cut. Enterprises in this market will continue

  • increasing their investments in safety and security products and

  • services, which will in turn stimulate the growth

  • of this industry. Our office offers

  • assistance to help US companies promote their safety and security

  • products and services in Taiwan. We also support

  • a local tradeshow, Secutech Expo, which is the leading security

  • tradeshow for Asia. It occurs every April at the Nankang Exhibition Hall.

  • Our office organizes a US Pavilion

  • and we welcome US companies' participation.

  • If you are interested in participating in the US Pavilion

  • or need any assistance of the industries that I covered

  • please contact our office. Thank you very much for your time

  • and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

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台湾の安全・安心市場2013 (Taiwan Safety and Security Market 2013)

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