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  • Hello.

  • I'm David Hoffman, longtime documentary filmmaker, and you're about to see a clip from a Siri's I made television series on the dawn of rock and roll and how it affected my generation.

  • The dawn of rock n roll was seen as something new, powerful.

  • And if you were my parents, generation bad, evil, communist going to destroy you.

  • That hasn't always happened, and I don't think it's happening now.

  • I'm going to ask you at the end.

  • Is there music today that's affecting a generation?

  • Your generation, whatever it is that the younger generation loves and the older generation Eights thinks it's dangerous.

  • Look at rock n roll.

  • Let's look at it.

  • He is what it affected.

  • I just wrote this down families.

  • It affected the older people, the younger people, the parents, how we felt about them.

  • It affected civil rights.

  • It affected the right of freedom, the right of independence, the right of liberty.

  • It affected the use of drugs.

  • They were seemed as good in rock n roll.

  • By some, it affected travel.

  • Where should we visit?

  • Getting on an airplane?

  • I'm getting on an airplane going to see the world.

  • Wow.

  • Was that an exciting time.

  • It affected this.

  • You knew when you walked in the street or road in a car and somebody went like that, They will like you.

  • They were part of your generation.

  • It didn't mean peace and it didn't mean victory.

  • It meant sort of way together.

  • They're not us, you know, Bob Dylan said.

  • Never trust anybody over 30 rock and roll and all of its evolution of it.

  • I mean that the Black Rock and Roll Elvis Presley Rock and roll the country Rock and roll.

  • I can remember hearing Buffy Sainte Marie, the American Indian folk singer Rocket Roller Sing a song that was 10 minutes long about the Indians in America and how badly they were being treated, and we'll listen to it.

  • I can remember Alice's restaurant 26 minutes on.

  • Unbelievable story.

  • Heard it 50 times, knew every single word in it, as so many of you did who are from my generation.

  • Well, was that unique in history that moment?

  • Or are there other moments since that younger generations feel that I'm just not seeing?

  • So take a look at this clip.

  • It was made for the Siri's.

  • It gives a sense of how people felt about the dawn of rock and roll.

  • At that time, the arrival of rock n roll in my life was like something that came from another planet.

  • We hadn't heard anything like that sound before.

  • We hadn't heard people making that kind of noise, breaking all limits of politeness.

  • And what was so strange is how so many people responded to someone very weird, like Little Richard instantly with no sensitive.

  • It's no sense of of questioning, just of course, yes, I've been waiting all my life for this, and I never knew it.

  • My father had a sort of breakthrough ones, is every goal where he realized that they had their feds to when he was a young man, maybe a little older than 13.

  • But, oh, everything that I found out.

  • When the music goes round and round, who and it comes out here, wear this And he said, This was a wild song that we had when I was a kid and said, That's wild.

  • Irony is, is the adults who thought of rock n roll is an act of rebellion.

  • Well, the kids said it's not.

  • It's just music.

  • Those adults were right way kids dancing Now today they call it Rock Rolling or something like that was a rebellion against suburbia, the rebellion for me, against against all of the conventions to seem to make life so stifling and rock and roll along with, along with the beatnik movement, along with Kerouac and Ginsberg and things like that.

  • It really it helped to punch a hole in 60 in the fifties.

  • Conformity, I really feel based on the rapid country.

  • But this rocking the rhythm has been the seed of trouble on.

  • We want to keep trouble out of Jersey City.

  • Rock n roll has got to go and go.

  • It does.

  • That's the best way I know to get rid of 0.25 of the Communist goal.

  • Corrupt American young people.

  • How through movies and music that to beat patterns is the music brought to the United States of America by the Communist conspiracy to corrupt teenagers.

  • And it's in every run and roll number.

  • Communism.

  • I mean, I mean the idea that rock n roll is anything to do with communism.

  • Rock n roll's sort of the ultimate flower of capitalism in a lot of ways.

  • Um, it's inconceivable Nevada music that's based so deeply in in Hustling and Let's Get Rich in one hit wonders.

  • Um, you know, could have anything to do with a planned economy and concepts air, you know, monumentally different.



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