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  • Good day everyone.

  • My name is Allen Chien. I am a Commercial Specialist

  • in the Commercial Section of the American Institute in Taiwan

  • Our section helps United States companies to start or develop

  • their businesses in Taiwan. I am in charge of the Energy, Environmental

  • and Construction sectors.

  • Taiwan has been promoting the green industry for

  • its next generation economic development.

  • Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency has been implementing environmental regulations on air

  • water and soil for more than two decades.

  • In the past few years, more acts and regulations

  • have been proposed, passed and implemented to encourage the development

  • of Taiwan's green industries, including the Green Building

  • and Green Building Materials Certification System, passed in

  • 2006, the Indoor Air Quality passed in

  • 2009, the Renewable Energy Act passed in

  • 2010, and the Greenhouse

  • Reduction, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act passed in

  • 2011. For any USA company, if you have interest to join

  • to enter Taiwan's green market you can use our Gold Key

  • Service to help you locate a qualified local agent

  • distributor or business partner. You can

  • also use our Platinum Key Service, that we can use to

  • help your company to promote your service or products

  • directly to your end users. For example, this year

  • we are going to organize a USA Pavilion for the Taiwan

  • International Green Industry Show. In addition to

  • participating in the USA Pavilion as an exhibitor,

  • we can also organize conferences and a single company promotion service

  • to help your company to promote your services

  • and products. In addition to that we can also facilitate

  • USA companies to bid Taiwan's major market

  • projects from Taiwan's government procurement entity

  • or state owned enterprises. If you have any interest to join

  • Taiwan's green market, please feel free to contact us. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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台湾のグリーン産業の機会2013 (Taiwan Green Industry Opportunities 2013)

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