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  • You want me to say something?

  • Hello Cathy Cat.

  • Hello Cathy Cat.

  • Hello?

  • Hello.....

  • Hello Director?

  • I would like to give you a challenge today.

  • You like Anime right?

  • I do....

  • I want you to do a voice over

  • What do you mean?

  • You want me to voice something ?

  • Meow. My name is Mr Cat.

  • I am quite shy in front of the camera.

  • I will wait here for a moment.

  • The snack I ate just now was really tasty. Meow Meow.

  • There is still a tasty taste on the corner of my mouth.

  • Over here too.... yuuum

  • Meow meow

  • Mr cameraman, I might be a bit more hungry still....

  • So I will ignore you now ....

  • He is coming closer. Geez he is persistent.

  • But look I am a pretty cat.

  • My tail and legs and all are very gorgeous.

  • If I wait a little behind this house he might leave....

  • If I wait over there, I might be able to continue my snack later!

  • Director: Bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You want me to say something?


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"日本の猫 "のナレーション ("A Cat in Japan" voiceover)

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    Summer に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日