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  • you may have heard about the sky high prices being charged during the pandemic.

  • We sent our producer out to buy hand sanitizer.

  • You may be surprised by what we found.

  • The price for hand sanitizer at this pharmacy in New York City is insane.

  • I got charged nearly $33 for these three pens of hand sanitizer and look how much we got.

  • Important guys.

  • Water suppliers are charging us right now.

  • We were told the same thing at a pharmacy in Hoboken, New Jersey, where our producers got charged $22 for this 14 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer.

  • Compare that to two months ago, when we pay just $7 for a bottle of pure L more than twice the size pharmacies say it's not their fault.

  • It's the distributors who are raising their prices.

  • In the wake of covert 19 charges, 70 bucks should be there and maybe 10 minutes.

  • Producer Josh Bernstein posed as a buyer and contacted the distributor, Akron Generics, located at this sprawling warehouse on Long Island, and ordered 24 bottles of hand sanitizer.

  • You want to just bring it out?

  • We could keep our distance.

  • A worker rolled out a cart with two small cases of hand sanitizer worth $400.

  • There's each.

  • Now it's time for our producers to introduce themselves.

  • I'm actually a producer with Inside Edition.

  • Why are you guys charging so much for this generic hand sanitizer?

  • I'm not sure not really familiar with pricing.

  • Lord, are you trying to take advantage of people because of the epidemic?

  • We spoke with the owner of the company who says the high prices due to increase costs because of the pandemic.

  • But he says supply chain issues are clearing up, and he expects to be able to lower the price by 50%.

you may have heard about the sky high prices being charged during the pandemic.


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なぜ手の消毒剤の価格は非常に高いです。 (Why Hand Sanitizer Prices Are Insanely High)

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