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  • Let's go, Marcus.

  • Starving for thou art with Rod and my step.

  • They comfort?

  • Yes, Something he stepped on a land mine.

  • Start of our war.

  • I could open a morphine.

  • What's his name?

  • Yes, We've got a prosthetic limb.

  • What?

  • Okay, good.

  • Let's see what we've got here.

  • Barnes, The devil's hands have been busy.

  • What is it?

  • It's really flesh and blood, though it seems to heal itself quickly.

  • The heart is human, very powerful.

  • The brain too.

  • But with a chip interface.

  • It has a hybrid nervous system.

  • One human cortex, One machine.

  • But what have they done?

  • Who built you?

  • My name is Marcus Wright.

  • You think you're human?

  • I am human.

  • Where were you manufactured?

  • I was born August 22nd.

  • 1975?

  • No, I heard your voice on the radio.

  • Young corner.

  • Of course.

  • You were sent here to kill me.

  • Kill the leadership.

  • I don't know what you talk and why you Blessed said you could help me find who I'm looking for.

  • Now let me down for that.

  • You don't.

  • You'll kill everyone in this room.

  • Just you because I don't give a shit about you.

  • I didn't even know your name to two days ago.

  • Tell me we've been a war before.

  • Either of us even existed.

  • You tried killing my mother.

  • Sarah Connor.

  • You killed my father.

  • Kyle Reese.

  • You will not kill.

  • May Kyle Reese.

  • It is on a transporter hitting for Skynet.

  • If I wanted to kill him, I would have done him in L.

  • A.

  • Where'd you find that thing?

Let's go, Marcus.


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自分を人間だと思っているのか?| ターミネーター・サルベーション|ターミネーター・サルベーション【オープンマット (You think you're human? | Terminator Salvation [Open matte])

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