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  • Hey, you pull towards them to start loading as soon as they arrive on be finished by morning.

  • Yeah, that's that's all we can do.

  • So you're gonna start us on arrival because it keeps changing.

  • I guess the first plan was excellent.

  • Way could go in and take.

  • Climate is impossible.

  • We need way.

  • Need time for ballast.

  • So usually it's Ah, good.

  • 10 to 12 hours for us toe.

  • Get all about way can do our best.

  • There's only one option.

  • Always go in there is just going and pump the hell out of her.

  • They'll just have to pump very quickly.

  • Otherwise, they'll have to leave valuable cargo on the dock again.

  • What happened last time is when we had to stop for ballast.

  • They more or less kicked us off.

  • Died way.

  • Had to leave quite a lot.

  • About 3000 tons like that was, That's a lot a Z.

  • They tie up at the loading dock.

  • Their first priority is to get the ballast pumps going as fast as possible.

  • Usually they use just the two main pumps to start with.

  • The captain wants Matt Conrad, the mate on duty in cargo control, to get away.

  • Four on the go on, just when they need it.

  • Most trouble with this.

  • 16 now.

  • 0016 All right, Got it.

  • Okay.

  • Sixteens open.

  • So I'm good to go.

  • The Equinox finally starts discharging ballast into the harbor with everything she's got down in the engine room.

  • Chiefs rebuilt.

  • Pump is working better than it ever did.

  • It's coming.

  • Good now.

  • Way had 15 meters of water and now we've got three meters deck.

  • Crew checks their progress by dropping a sounding rod into the tanks to find out how much water is left over a meter in to starboard.

  • In a ship this big, even a few centimetres of ballast left in the tanks come mean, leaving thousands of tons of cargo on the dog.

  • Then some unexpected good news.

  • Yeah.

  • Loading leg is still busy with another vessel.

  • Gives the crew an extra six hours.

  • By the time the loader rumbles into place, the equinox is ready.

  • Nearly 3000 tons of iron hits the first hole, landing at one ton of second.

  • A hefty 29,500 tons is a full load.

  • Taking on iron pellets is problematic there four times heavier on load twice as fast as wheat, creating stresses that could break the ship.

  • Worst case scenario is you can actually crack in the hull plating or the internal structures and sink at the dock.

  • First mates.

  • Kirk Lake is relying on the low plan to spread the iron or keep them out of trouble.

  • We used old program, and that gives us our best information.

  • Okay, that's number 12.

  • Done.

  • Okay, there they go.

  • They're going up to number two now Play three on take and take up number two.

  • We're done in food after eight hours.

  • There's 2000 tons still left.

  • Kurt gets ready to distribute the last of the or pellets toe level out the ship, but outside, the temperature is dropping fast.

  • Permanent call anyway should get a premium cold weather premium.

  • I'm just getting the draft.

  • Determine what I'm gonna do.

  • Kirk's barely begun taking draft readings up and down the ship when he spots trouble reading show.

  • He's got a five centimeter sag in the middle of the ship.

  • Something's going wrong with the load plan.

  • Only the iron ore is so heavy it's bending the keel.

  • Now he has to think quickly to correct the sag in the middle.

  • He has to add cargo at both ends.

  • I'm going to use before, but too much weight at the ends could bend the keel the other way.

  • Reopens Hatch, 16 near the stern.

  • Hotch, they had already closed.

  • Never, ever have to take a job for 300 really?

  • Then he heads for the bow on loads.

  • More weight at the front door.

  • That's the plan.

  • An hour later, 45.

  • The plan seems to work.

  • He stopped the keel sagging.

Hey, you pull towards them to start loading as soon as they arrive on be finished by morning.


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