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  • Who's that is the factory's top secret research and development center.

  • And I do mean top secret secrets held in there are big.

  • This is all part, remember, of a multi $1,000,000,000 industry and the work they do in their will play its role in defining the future Off that industry have agreed to let me in, but I'm not allowed to film anything between the entrance here, and they're brand new test center.

  • So you got to excuse me if I fade to black for a moment.

  • Having an on site R and D department gives walks bag in the competitive edge to stay at the forefront of a constantly evolving industry.

  • Areas such as electrification, digitization on automated driving are the future on this enormous centre is where the future begins.

  • Yeah, well, I think that's the fact.

  • Yes, you're right.

  • That's the friend with a diameter off eight meter.

  • It's quite big.

  • Eight meters?

  • Yes, 3.1 megawatts.

  • So that generates the wind.

  • Yes, Because of the size of this factory, you can have this huge RND place.

  • You've got what, 10,000 people in R and D alone?

  • Yes.

  • Which means you can conceive an idea for a car, and you can develop and test it here in this one big place.

  • That's the idea to have everything here so we can test in the condition which is required so you don't have to go anywhere in the world.

  • So in many ways, it's really, really big here because you've sort of encompass the entire world in one place.

  • Yes, you're right to show me just how clever on Selma and his team want to demonstrate what their state of the art wind tunnel can do.

  • This is all about putting a car through its paces to perfect the driving experience.

  • And given that I know a thing or two about cars, they've asked for my expert opinion.

  • Okay, come on, let's stop with the wind.

  • All right, let's go.

  • Right to drop so increased speed.

  • Okay, good.

  • It looks like he's about to fight down right now.

  • Perfect.

  • So let's start with the grief.

  • Continue late driving range, which is well, actually, it's really quite this is like a family holiday from the 19 seventies.

  • Stop the reins in relation, please, and switch on the light for like a rotisserie chicken.

  • I consider you a scorching desert heat with temperatures of 65 degrees C thanks to its own built.

  • So now stop with the snow.

  • Oh, God.

  • They could even drop the temperature to minus 30 and simulate Arctic blizzard, which is probably useful if you live in the Arctic.

  • Okay.

  • Perfect, Richard.

  • Good job.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks, guys.

  • That was fun.

  • What?

  • I was gonna be in a car.

  • When you produce enough cars every year to create a tailback from New York to Las Vegas, they have to be shifted off site as quickly as their maid, hence 60 kilometers of track on the largest private rail station in Europe.

  • It's a sliding stage three wagons wide.

  • And how it works is wonderfully simple.

  • It moves sideways, empty wagons could be shunted into empty bays, Cars can be loaded onto waiting wagons and fully loaded wagons could be hooked up to waiting trains all at the same time.

  • It's fast, and it's flexible because a car only has to travel at most.

  • The lead of one wagon.

  • It is three really clever.

  • 10 trainloads carrying 1800 cars leave the factory every day and then Ford's Where's it coming?

  • You were No.

  • Stop backing off.

  • Well, you my first time driving a train.

  • Yeah.

  • Doing good.

  • It's coming.

  • Stop.

  • It runs over.

  • Just drove a train.

  • 67 tons of locomotive controlled by me in this with this.

Who's that is the factory's top secret research and development center.


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