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  • Before this video begins, I have an important announcement


  • You wanna hear about this (Oh?)


  • There's a new app called Nimses


  • where if you download it, your life will become a social media game.


  • As soon as you register,


  • every single minute of your life will be quantified


  • into nim, a currency


  • And this is collected from since you register,


  • not just how much you use your phone


  • or what you spend in the app.


  • So the more nims you have, the more


  • powerful and influence you get.


  • Now just imagine it for a second...


  • if everyone downloaded this app...


  • It's a pretty insane concept.


  • I don't think I've heard about any idea


  • anywhere like this.


  • Except in sci-fi scenarios

  • Nimses users could potentially buy

  • real things in the future using their Nims,

  • Like your next Tesla, or your next

  • merch collection (real smooth)

  • There are social roles within the app

  • such as user and icon.

  • You get your Nims, you own them, and then

  • you save them, and everyone sees how many Nims

  • you have.

  • So you can be a regular user or you can

  • actually try and grow your influence and reach

  • the unreachable icon status.

  • Just imagine if everyone was using this

  • I think it's a pretty insane idea,

  • and I'm really curious to see how it's

  • gonna work out.

  • So, sign up, follow me there

  • Invite your friends as well

  • cuz then you get more Nims.

  • The idea is to turning human life

  • into a source of financial capital.

  • I'm really really rEaLlY curious about this

  • Enter the code PEWDIEPIE so I get referral Nims

  • Thank you very much

  • Check it out and follow me there

  • I'll be using Nimses from now on.

  • Let's get on with the video...

  • *Poo News Moosic*

  • Good evening, I'm Mary Ham

  • and welcome to "Ham News".

  • *Pew News Intro*

  • "Pew News"

  • First of all, Mary Ham News

  • have reached the highest ratings it has ever gotten.

  • Oh boy, all the comments have been

  • sO supportive. (BRING BACK POPPY GLORIA)


  • "I'm not a fan of Mary Ham"

  • "No I refuse to watch with Mary Ham"

  • "I tHiNk MaRy HaM nEeDs tO bE fIrEd"

  • "I HATE YOU" *glasses fall*

  • "I hate you Mary Ham get Poppy Gloria back"

  • Poppy Gloria is dead, ok?

  • She did an oopsie.

  • Get it into your thick skulls already

  • She ain't coming back

  • Yes, I may have killed her,

  • but that doesn't prove I'm innocent.

  • Now let's get into the news.

  • Our first story comes from KSI (kzeh)

  • Who has now responded to Deji, his brother,

  • calling him out.

  • In not just one video,

  • but tWo vIdEoS.

  • And KSI has now, finally

  • responded. (don't all youtubers)

  • "So you thought, going on Logan Paul's podcast

  • to talk about me was the best way to

  • branch out from my bro.

  • If you went on there to talk about

  • something else,

  • then fine.

  • But you didn't.

  • It was all pretty much about me.

  • The best way, Dej, to branch out

  • from me, is to not talk about me at all.

  • And then on top of that,

  • make good quality content

  • that your fans would enjoy."

  • Logan: Does he have a god complex?

  • Is it an ego?

  • Deji: Yeah, that's what I mean.

  • His ego is insane (he's not lying tho)

  • Like his diss track to Quadeca,

  • he compared himself to Ares."


  • Maybe Deji has some points that are fair,

  • maybe KSI wasn't great brother or whatever.

  • But I think KSI did a really good job

  • explaining his side of the situation.

  • KSI: You can talk to me, especially if you're

  • having dark thoughts, or

  • just feeling low.

  • I'm always here for you whether

  • we're on good terms, or bad terms.

  • Whenever you message me, I always

  • reply Dej.

  • I want you to succeed in

  • everything you do, but Deji, man,

  • you have to communicate with me.

  • Else, how else am I going to know

  • how you're feeling?

  • Popp... Mary Ham: And I gotta say, like, Deji's video

  • had midrolls on it.

  • He comes with this video out of nowhere

  • with a video that has midrolls on it,

  • 42 minutes, right after the whole

  • Tati situation became a huge viral thing.

  • AAAND...

  • Uuuuuh...


  • It's kind of hard to side with someone that

  • puts that perspective on it,

  • especially when KSI made a lot of good points.

  • I'm sorry.

  • KSI also said that, in his video,

  • he's gonna donate all the ad revenue to

  • suicide prevention charities, and in light of

  • Deji being in the dark place.

  • BUT THEN, out of nowhere, Logan Paul decided

  • to anime laugh


  • and claim the video!

  • "HAHAHAHA, F you puѕѕy"

  • "If you don't ads, it's because it's being claimed

  • by Logan Paul's network."

  • Logan, what the frick are you doing?

  • Do you want people to hate you?

  • What is this???

  • Money going to suicide prevention charities

  • Logan Paul: AHAHA

  • Now, it's clear that Logan Paul didn't know this.

  • And he said, I jumped the gun on that one.

  • I'll make sure the automatic claim is removed.

  • KSI is still a РР.

  • This whole situation is just dumb.

  • It's dummy dumb.

  • Dummy dumb dumb.

  • Now let's go into

  • Probably the biggest noise I've ever heard

  • Jesus

  • And it's about the Steven Crowder vs Carlos Maza situation

  • Put this head here and the other head here

  • And here they are

  • It all started with Vox news reporter, Carlos Maza

  • Who wrote in his Twitter "So I have pretty thick skin

  • when it comes to online harrassment,

  • but something has been really bothering me"

  • He pointed out how whenever Steven Crowder debunks his videos,

  • He also ridicules his sexual orientation and ethnicity.

  • "Look before we get to the video, uh, with our favorite, favorite lispy sprite from Vox"

  • *in mocking tone* "It's ridiculous! It's bonkers!"

  • "You're being given a free pass as a crappy write because you're gay"

  • "...his little queer graph there"

  • *laughing*

  • "Well now the graph is queer?"

  • "...violence, filth"

  • "Ok so the little queer can eat his chips all nonchalantly

  • "...mister queer eating chips on the Vox channel"

  • "chip chip chip chip, bet you can't eat just one, like dicks"

  • "This is what mister gay Vox wants to do"

  • "Mister lispy queer from Vox"

  • Now Steven Crowder, for those who don't know,

  • is a right-wing YouTuber

  • And apparently, according to himself,

  • He's the "Biggest Conservative Channel on YouTube"

  • Wait, is that true? How many does Ben Shapiro have?

  • 1.7!!

  • Bruuh

  • Maza also pointed out how he got doxxed and he got a bunch of text messages

  • Saying "debate steven crowder"

  • Now I blurred the numbers, but I like how Maza

  • complains about being doxxed and then he doxxes all these people

  • Regardless, alright, he also points out how YouTube's policies

  • against harassment and bullying are not aligned with the comments that Steven has said about him

  • "That being said, I'm not mad at Crowder"

  • Well that's a f*cking lie

  • Are you sUre about that?

  • But he does raise a good point

  • I mean I haven't even seen this

  • "Content that is deliberately posted in order to humiliate someone"

  • "Content that makes hurtful and negative personal comments/videos about that person"

  • That's so vague, but it does apply doesn't it

  • He does have a point

  • Carlos also pointed out how Steven Crowder sells a shirt

  • that says "Socialism is for 'figs'"

  • Although it's one of those "edgy jokes"

  • That it can be interpreted either way and he sees it has "Socialism is for fags"

  • Now this shirt will be important later, ok? So let's just remember this shirt for now

  • I have to say, I think it is good that Maza speaks out

  • There is a problem with people

  • There is a big issue online where people with audiences criticize each other

  • which they should be able to do

  • but then the audience joins in and makes the whole place toxic

  • with harassment, doxxing, etc. of these individuals

  • This is obviously not ok and if ANYONE EVER DOES IT FOR ME

  • then you can eat the fat lard, ok? I want nothing to do with it

  • Obviously, most people don't want this

  • Crowder has spoken out against this as well

  • But it is a larger issue that, nonetheless, deserves to be brought up

  • So, I think it's good he spoke out.

  • However

  • The timing of all of this is pretty interesting

  • Obviously, this was posted one day before Pride Month

  • The clips that showed about Steven Crowder making fun of Maza

  • Were not new ones, these are older clips

  • Which made it seem like this was a deliberate attack to go after Steven as much as possible

  • But also, in a way, if I was going after someone that was way bigger than me

  • Yes, technically he works under Vox which is a billion dollar company

  • But he didn't tweet this out through Vox, ok? He tweeted at it on his personal Twitter

  • So, if I was Maza I would probably want some sort of support to back me up as well

  • So, in a way, I can understand that

  • It just seems like the whole tone is more coming across as aggressive

  • As opposed to just wanting to out him on his behavior

  • Maza is not just going after Crowder, he's also going after YouTube directly

  • I am Poppy Gloria all along

Before this video begins, I have an important announcement



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