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  • Hi, everyone.

  • I'm so excited to announce that the new code of the Extraordinary Mind is coming out on December 31st in book stores all across the United States, and I'm so proud of what this book has been able to accomplish over the last three years.

  • Thanks to you, the code is now translated into 25 different languages, and I'm so grateful that you helped make this book a New York Times best seller and, in 2017 the number one book in the World on Amazon for five days.

  • So I'm psyched to announce the new version is out.

  • And in this new version, I went through the entire book and I upgraded different aspects of the book toe.

  • Add new models of reality that add new systems off living that I'd stumbled upon over the last three years.

  • The book has additional pages of content, but here's why.

  • You might want to get this book again for just a few bucks.

  • Everyone who buys this book will get a free six month coaching program with me.

  • See, I have a lot of new ideas that I want to test out on the public, and I want dedicated readers of this book to join me in an online community where I will be going live with you to see you to communicate with youto answer your questions for about an hour to every month for the next six months.

  • And what I'm going to do is teach you some of the most jaw dropping methodologies that I have stumbled upon to completely transform my life.

  • It's new information with the potential to change the way you live.

  • We'll be talking about everything from rapidly manifesting reality is you want from shifting identity from transforming your help and extending your life span from reversing aging, too.

  • Radical new exercise and fitness procedures have been experimenting with from new ways to show up and work.

  • So you accelerate your career.

  • But the biggest thing I'm gonna be teaching in the six month coaching program is how to manifest the life of your dreams and I'll be teaching new methodologies for doing so.

  • So I cannot wait for you to get your hands on the new court of the extraordinary mind and to join us in the six month adventure.

Hi, everyone.


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非凡な心の掟』の第2版が完成しました! (Version 2 of the The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is now available!)

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