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  • Hello there, my name is Richard McMunn from the interview training company

  • And in this tutorial, I will teach you how to answer TEAMWORK INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. And

  • in particular, I'm going to give you some brilliant answers to common teamwork interview

  • questions. It does not matter which role you are being interviewed for, if you think you

  • have to answer questions relating to teamwork, please watch this tutorial from beginning

  • to end because this is what I will cover. I will give you great tips for answering teamwork

  • interview questions. I will tell you how to demonstrate being a team player in an interview.

  • I will give you team working competencies and how to demonstrate them. And I will also

  • give you ANSWERS to common teamwork interview questions to make sure you pass your interview!

  • Now, before I do that, a very warm welcome to this teamwork interview questions and answers

  • training tutorial. My name is Richard McMunn. That's me there in the center of the screen.

  • I have been helping people for over 20 years now to pass their interviews. And I always

  • do that by giving you TOP-SCORING, brilliant answers you can't find anywhere else. Please

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  • I will give you some additional interview questions to help you prepare effectively.

  • Let's get into those teamwork interview questions and answers. The first teamwork interview

  • question we need to prepare for is, what are the qualities of good teamwork? This teamwork

  • interview question will give you a solid foundation for answering any team working interview question.

  • Make sure you learn the skills and qualities needed to work as part of a team, and then

  • the rest of the interview will be much easier! So here is my answer to the teamwork interview

  • question: what are the qualities of good teamwork in particular? “In particular, there are

  • 9 really important skills and qualities for good teamwork.

  • These are, being able to LISTEN TO THE TEAM BRIEF carefully to ensure you can all FOLLOW

  • ANY INSTRUCTIONS to the letter. You then need to be able to WORK TO THE TEAM'S

  • STRENGTHS by allowing team members to do what they are good at doing, and also making sure

  • you all FOLLOW A PLAN OF ACTION. You also need to be able to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY,

  • both by speaking to all other team members during the task or project, and also listening

  • to what everyone is saying. You also have to be ADAPTABLE & FLEXIBLE throughout any

  • team task, as things can and often do change very quickly. You must also MOTIVATE & SUPPORT

  • your team colleagues and finally, always look to IMPROVE AND DEVELOP as a team and LEARN

  • FROM EVERY EXPERIENCE you encounter.” That is a very strong answer to the interview question:

  • What are the qualities of good teamwork? I like that answer, because you are focusing

  • specifically on a set number of skills and qualities, which in this case is 9. That shows

  • you really know your stuff and you know the qualities of good teamwork. Now, the next

  • teamwork interview question I want you to prepare for is: Tell me about a time you worked

  • well as part of a team? My advice, and this is really good advice, is to use what's called

  • the STAR technique when answering this teamwork interview question. You're going to structure

  • your answer using situation, task, action and result. And in the answer that follows,

  • you will see how effective it really is. Here's my answer using the STAR technique to, tell

  • me about a time you worked well as part of a team? SITUATION: In my last job, I was part

  • of a team who was responsible for packing and sending out customer orders. One day,

  • our manager had an impromptu 24 hour sale with a 50% discount, and the sales went crazy!

  • TASK: It was our job to work together to get all orders dispatched within a 24-hour period,

  • as per the promise we had made to our customers. ACTION: We decided to allocate specific tasks

  • for each person within the team, based on their strengths. My job was to pick all orders,

  • check for accuracy and then pass them on to the packing and distribution team for dispatch.

  • At one point, I had completed all of my work, so I went over to the customer service team

  • to help them take orders over the telephone. RESULT: The end result was, we managed to

  • get all orders dispatched for our customers on time by working together as a team, keeping

  • in constant communication with each other, and also doing additional jobs outside of

  • our remit when capacity allowed for it. So you can see there how effective situation,

  • task, action and result really is! Follow that format when answering any kind of teamwork

  • behavioral interview question, and you will score the highest marks possible! The next

  • teamwork interview question I want you to prepare for is: what would you do if a member

  • of your team was not pulling their weight? Now, most people will answer this question

  • by saying they will either do the work themselves, or they would inform their team leader or

  • manager. However, this is the best way to answer this teamwork interview question to

  • pass. Here we go. “I would see this as a wider team problem, as anyone not carrying

  • out their duties and responsibilities to the necessary standards could impact the rest

  • of the team, and our combined efforts. For a team to be successful, everyone has to do

  • their job properly! On that basis, I would speak to the person in private, to find out

  • what the problem was. They may have personal issues at home, or they may not be feeling

  • well. In which case, I would offer to support them to get them back up to speed as soon

  • as possible. If it was simply down to the fact they were not doing their job properly

  • through a lack of motivation, I would explain how their inaction could have a detrimental

  • effect on the rest of the team, and that they needed to sort things out quickly. Although

  • I am not a manager or supervisor, I would still see it as my problem to help sort out

  • for the good of the team.” That shows you are taking responsibility, even though essentially

  • it's not your problem. It would be down to a supervisor or a manager. But because you

  • are a team worker, you are sorting that out for the wider good of the team! If you would

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  • including ones relating to teamwork. I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. Please don't forget

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  • to tell me the name of your interview in the comments section below, and I wish you all

  • the best for passing your interview. Have a brilliant day.

Hello there, my name is Richard McMunn from the interview training company


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