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You know, I'm really shocked to see that some people in Taiwan would use this type of language to attack the leader of the W.H.O.
Not because of how he has handled the COVID-19 virus, but also because of his race.
Yeah, I'm kind of shocked with it, too.
Because we've never really experienced anything like that.
But we'd be fools not to believe that people don't use that type of language.
Because, you know, I've been out, been around friends and they've used the derogatory language.
It kind of hurt me inside.
I know they don't mean it.
But of course, he wouldn't know and I'm sure he was affected by it in some way.
You know, actually, Taiwanese people are really compassionate, caring, and loving people.
And I think that that's something that we can share with the whole world and I think people can learn about.
Yeah, that's a part of the reason why I fell in love with this country and decided to give up my citizenship is because of how caring and passionate they were and the safety that comes about from it.
So this a learning experience for all of us, especially, you know, when debating and rebuttal comes into play.
Don't give them excuse to get distracted from what the issue is—and the issue is the virus.
When you start using the derogatory slurs, attacking his race or attacking the color of his skin, then now the issue is about racism and not about the virus.
It's really a bad thing.
But we can definitely learn from this as a people.
Now that we got that over, we need to let Mr. Tedros Adhanom know about himself.
Listen, you are the leader of the W.H.O., the World Health Organization!
You have more things to be worried about.
You can't be over here crying and worried about what somebody in Taiwan said about you and how they made you feel bad.
Pull yourself together!
This is about the COVID-19 virus and how serious this is.
Right, yeah.
I mean, you're worried about, you know, what's being said by some, you know, trolls on the Internet who's [who are] using racial slurs.
At the end of the day, if you're in charge of one of these... [the] largest health crisis that me and... you have in our lifetimes, then how could you really fight this thing?
And, you know, don't use it as an escape, a distraction and don't play games with the world and especially not with Taiwan.
You know, the first time you mentioned us [Taiwan] is dealing with, you know, racial slurs.
Admit that you're dropping the ball right now.
We called you out on it and do something about it.
We're really handling this thing well.
-Is that right? -Right!
And if you really want to learn something, come to Taiwan and learn how we've handled this situation.
Look how well we're doing.
If you really want to learn something, come here and learn from us.
Learn from the policies that we are enacting here and trying to help our island, our country, become a better place.
That's what you really need to do.



台湾に住んでいる黒人から、WHO事務局長へ一言。 ( 在台灣的外國黑人如何看待譚德塞的發言?!台灣有種族歧視嗎?外國人又覺得台灣對疫情措施做得如何? )

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