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  • no precautions are too great.

  • The smallest gob in protective equipment could mean death.

  • Thes particular measures.

  • La Familia predate clonal virus.

  • These are for Ebola dealing with fear, waas.

  • Something that I really had to get my head around actually like game courage.

  • As a result of that, Natalie was one off the UK Health volunteers working on the front line off the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, part off a team from King's College already on the ground in Sierra Leone when the outbreak hit.

  • Gaining skills, the images is desperate.

  • For in these current pies I steal that I've been able to transfer that I learned to a nearby.

  • The outbreak is Andi.

  • I didn't realize I have until now was just being able to problem so into crises.

  • Natalie's back home working as an infection prevention nurse, finding very practical uses for her heart and experience.

  • You'll have the knowledge of decontamination from Ebola, So I was working out how we're gonna go into someone's home and test them and then decontaminate inside their home in a safe way and setting up that process and getting with peopIe supply sorted and training people, setting up a training program.

  • The most infamous and deadly outbreak off Ebola was that off 2014 in West Africa.

  • Concentrated mainly around Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

  • Ebola is a particularly lethal disease, killing around half off those it infects.

  • During the outbreak, nearly 30,000 people were infected, killing more than 11,000 before ending in 2016.

  • Many off those on the front line off fighting Ebola are now involved in the U.

  • K SZ current response to covet some at the very highest level.

  • Chris Witty, the chief medical officer on the face off the U case Corona virus response.

  • It's one off them.

  • He was at the forefront off the U case effort in tackling the Ebola outbreak.

  • On the lessons learned in West Africa are being applied back here.

  • The most important lesson was the importance of communities.

  • Communities absolutely need to understand how they need to behave.

  • They need to really engage with health professionals.

  • They need to own the crisis.

  • The second thing is, the leadership and governance must be strong on communication is critical.

  • We mustn't have Kam used confused messaging, community response, strict containment measures, mass mobilization and understanding did finally conquer the West African epidemic, although it's still the least affected continent, Corona virus has now gripped Africa.

  • But four countries who bore the traumatic brunt off Ebola.

  • They're now better prepared for this new threat.

  • I mean, certainly the Sierra Leone responsive.

  • We use that as an example has learned extensively from Ebola.

  • All the different asked key aspects of public health management.

  • So they're better equipped for contact tracing for laboratory diagnosis of cases for having adequate treatment facilities where they can isolate and see if we care for people s O from the systems approach.

  • They're they're in a much better state than they were going back, sort of, you know, 56 years ago.

  • For the advocates off a stronger global health corporation, it's not just those countries that receive help that benefit.

  • They argue that the U case involvement abroad is transcends its own defenses.

  • I don't think the UK is going to be able to rise to the current health challenge or other future health challenges without looking out to look out into other situations and contribute to weak health systems in low and middle income countries.

  • We can learn a huge amount through engaging in these lower middle income countries.

  • We probably can take some of that learning back into the UK viruses like Ebola and covet free fear, isolating and confining individuals.

  • But help engagement and kindness between nations may yet be the answer to this global crisis.

no precautions are too great.


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エボラの危機にコロナウイルスは何を教えてくれるのか? (What can the Ebola crisis teach us about Coronavirus?)

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