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  • it's summer.

  • It's hot.

  • That means you probably want to drink a delicious cold cup of coffee.

  • And this is my favorite way to do that.

  • It's often called dust filter coffee or Japanese style iced coffee we're gonna do here.

  • This is cut to the chase.

  • I'm gonna give you the recipe.

  • And then afterwards you explain why I'm doing what I'm doing.

  • To start with, you gonna brew with 65 grams of coffee per liter of water or five guns more than you would usually use Your gonna grind a little bit finer.

  • Usually would you gonna brew with 40% of the weight of the brew as ice and 60% is hot water.

  • So in a 500 mil brew, that's 200 grands advice 300 mils of hot water.

  • You gonna bloom with 2 to 3 times the weight of coffee as water, and you gonna let it bloom for at least 45 seconds?

  • Try and stretch the brew between 2.5 to 3 minutes.

  • You can if you don't have a pouring cattle.

  • That doesn't really matter at the end of the bridge, Minister.

  • Once in a circular motion and then once in the opposite direction and let it draw down.

  • After you brew, swirl the decanter as thoroughly as you can to get rid of any remaining pieces of ice and then pour fresh ice cubes in a glass.

  • Let me explain why I'm doing what I'm doing.

  • First things first.

  • How much coffee water Use five guns more polluted, unusual for two reasons.

  • Firstly, when coffee gets cold loses some of its aromatic intensity, it just tastes less intense.

  • That's true of any cold beverage.

  • Secondly, even though you're gonna chill it down pretty cold, it's still gonna dilute a little bit when you serve it over ice and you take your time drinking that out about in the beautiful weather.

  • Now we could obviously does higher than that.

  • But then we start to run into some problems.

  • More coffee we have, the harder it's gonna be to do a proper extraction of that coffee because we got a lot less brew water than usual.

  • Which brings me onto the ratio of ice water.

  • Now what I did here was a bunch of different experiments.

  • If I had 400 grams of ice, one whole grounds of hot water.

  • My beverage would be very cold.

  • The extraction would be good.

  • So I made a whole bunch of different brews with varying amounts of ice to find out what the ending temperature was gonna be to find out the point of diminishing returns where adding more ice doesn't get any colder.

  • In this case, I was using ice that was between minus 18 and minus 20 degrees Celsius.

  • If you have a domestic present that goes cold in that, you could use less ice again.

  • If you're using an ice machine, the ice may not be that cold, and you may end up needing a little bit more.

  • All I see is not created equal now that increased bloom time is there to help us get some more extraction out of him.

  • Having a longer bloom increases our contact time and increases our extraction.

  • The reason I like this way of bring so much is that you really get to taste the qualities of the copy that you bring with growing with cold water.

  • Cold brew often removes lot of origin characteristics and kinda makes the copy taste pretty chocolatey.

  • Very pleasant, pretty low acidity, But but normally the copy that you paid for, not the coffee that roasters have worked so hard.

  • Thio source and roast and preserved on self brewing heart lets you extract all of that good stuff, even if it is difficult to do with a lot less brew water.

  • You still have pieces of ice left over in the brew.

  • You've used too much eyes.

  • You could use a little less and more brew water and more.

  • Brew water is always good.

  • Lets you do a better quality extraction that you get Maura out of that coffee so you want to use as much water as is possible at the end.

  • Should have something delicious, cold, complex and incredibly enjoyable and something you should go make yourself and all of your friends and family.

  • Right now.

  • There is coming soon a full pour over how to video covering lots of different methods.

  • Also different techniques.

  • What I would recommend on ways that you can play with your copy brewing to get the most out of it.

  • That is coming soon.

  • I'm working on that promise.

  • Let me know if you're out there.

  • Bring some coffee this way, you're enjoying it.

it's summer.


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