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  • it's called the color.

  • It costs 1/4 of a £1,000,000 on, though it might look like an SUV.

  • According to Rolls, it isn't an SUV.

  • No, this is an all terrain, high bodied car.

  • And to all those people saying, Should Rolls Royce really build a massive SUV?

  • I say, Why not?

  • If anyone's entitled to build a massive off road tank, it's them.

  • It's hardly like they're normal.

  • Cars are small and dainty.

  • Is it?

  • Furthermore, 100 years ago rolls his entire best car in the world.

  • Image was based on building off road vehicles because there were no roads.

  • Just asked, Lawrence of Arabia on the Cullinan is a proper off Roader.

  • It's got four wheel drive.

  • It'll way through half a meter of water.

  • It will realistically go anywhere.

  • You'd expect your £250,000 off Roader to go, but let's face it, the Cullen owner isn't going to do any of that.

  • They're gonna drive around on road from this very high driving position, wondering why everyone else looks a bit poor and out on the road.

  • Cullman is every betters refined and in period, as you'd expect from the world's most expensive SUV.

  • Listen to that.

  • The silence is just glorious.

  • This is the most refined SUV ever made.

  • You really don't even know the engine switched on driving on this road.

  • Now there's no suspension noise, no tire noise on the right.

  • It's just extraordinary.

  • It is so supple.

  • It's like the road ahead of you has just been resurfaced with marshmallows on Dhe.

  • Like every other luxury SUV out there, the Cullinan doesn't just do comfort.

  • It also does power on it, really is more than powerful enough.

  • It has a twin turbo charged 6.75 liter V 12 560 horsepower.

  • I'm not sure anyone's gonna be brave enough to really hustle one of these.

  • It goes really, really quick on.

  • It does a great job of hiding all of its Wait until you get to a corner like, and you are very aware of how heavy it is.

  • Let's be honest.

  • This isn't an SUV for driving hard.

  • It's an SUV for wafting along inglorious, soothing silence.

  • And for that, the Cullinan is in a class of its own.

  • However, it does have one teeny tiny problem.

  • It is to use a technical automotive term, utterly hideous to look at.

  • I mean, it's a little bit new.

  • London taxi there.

  • It's a little bit Chinese knockoff.

  • It's all bad.

  • And then look at the grill, all that money that design seemed.

  • That's the best they can come up with.

  • It just leaves that they've taken.

  • Any old boxy SUV just slapped a grill on it on a flying lady, but she must be gutted, and I know looks or a subjective thing.

  • But this is just wrong if I'm gonna get inside because it's safe from my eyes.

  • Yeah, it really is quite an achievement.

  • Rolls has somehow managed to build a £250,000 car that turns heads for all the wrong reasons.

  • Sorry, sorry, but it's not my car, all right?

  • Okay, Butts.

  • There's something much worse going on here.

  • The Cullman should feel like the peak of British engineering, but actually, I just feel cynical.

  • It doesn't feel like it was created through passion or love or innovation.

  • It just feels like it was created to make money raw greed because, let's face it, there are too many rich people on this planet for this tasteless car.

  • Not to exist.

  • I'm an apologist for the motor car.

  • Fast, big, inefficient.

  • I'll defend them.

  • Cover love cars.

  • I'm passionate about them, but I cannot construct a defense.

  • But this car, I mean, the flag bearer for British engineering.

  • A Rolls Royce.

  • I'm ashamed to be in it.

  • So if you want to experience a world class piece of British engineering that doesn't make you know yourself, get it on one of these.

  • Oh, no.

  • You want one of these?

  • Matt is British Engineering.

  • What's this?

  • The Brompton folding bicycle.

  • What a machine!

  • Frankly, that's a blessed relief.

it's called the color.


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