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  • Hey everyone! So Jun has gone back to Japan now which is really sad

    こんにちは。Junが帰国したので、 とても悲しいです...

  • but he ending up getting to spend a whole two months here which is great!

    でも、今回は2ヶ月も一緒に過ごせたので、 本当に良かったです!

  • He was originally supposed to go home like three weeks ago but he got the flu

    予定では3週間ほど前に帰国する予定でしたが、 インフルエンザにかかってしまったので、

  • so I didn't send him on the plane. So yay flu!


  • But in more exciting news: it's our one year YouTube anniversary!

    それはさておき、私達のチャンネルが 1周年を迎えました!

  • Oh my gosh! It's so amazing.

    Oh my gosh! 本当に嬉しいです!

  • So we have like 34k subscribers,


  • we got it after one year,


  • that's so amazing


  • so today is cause for celebration.


  • Celebrating...


  • I don't even know why so many of you guys are watching us but we're SO grateful.

    どうして、こんなに多くの方が視聴して下さるのか わかりませんが、非常に嬉しく思っています!

  • It's amazing the response we've gotten and seeing so many people interested in Japan

    本当に多くのメッセージを頂きましたし、 日本に興味を持っている方も多くて驚きました。

  • so thank you guys so much!


  • I'm a little drunk.


  • So in honor of our one year anniversary I'm going to tell you the


  • most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in Japan.

    今回は日本での最も恥ずかしかった 出来事をお話したいと思います。

  • And probably not even just Japan, probably like the most embarrassing thing


  • that has happened in my entire life.


  • It happened


  • almost immediately after Jun and I first got married.


  • His family took us on vacation, like the whole family.

    夫の家族が旅行に連れて行ってくれたんです。 家族全員で。

  • Well, "whole" is not like a lot of people.


  • Just my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, and then Jun and me.


  • And we went to Hakone,


  • um...


  • which is like up... near Mt. Fuji,


  • for two days.


  • And like the first day we were gonna go to Fuji-Q High Land,

    1日目に富士急ハイランドと 言う遊園地に行き、

  • which is an amusement park, and the second day we were just gonna like...


  • drive around the mountains and see the sights and stuff.


  • So my sister-in-law watches a lot of tv with like idols, and they go to this haunted house at Fuji-Q

    義妹が富士急のお化け屋敷を 紹介している番組を見たらしく、

  • High Land, and it's actually like a haunted hospital.

    廃業となった総合病院を テーマとしていて、

  • And it's supposed to be like, the longest haunted house in the world.

    歩行距離が世界最長とかで、 (ギネスブック認定当時)

  • And she's watches them and they're like all screaming like "Aahhh!"

    番組のレポーターなんはか 「きゃぁぁあああ!」とか叫んでるし、

  • "They're so scary!" And she wanted to go really, really bad.

    とにかく、義妹はこのお化け屋敷に 行くのをすごく楽しみにしてたんです。

  • So when we first get there that's the first thing the family does, it's like

    だから、富士急に付いたら、まず、 全員でお化け屋敷に向かいました。

  • we all go to this haunted house. And you have to pay like,


  • an extra $5 a person just to get in to the haunted house.

    私はホラーとかがあまり好きじゃなくて、 驚かされるのは苦手です。

  • And, I'm not big on horror stuff.

    心臓止まりそうになるし、ストレスたまるし、 とにかく楽しくないんです、私には。

  • I don't like getting startled.


  • It freaks me out! It's stressful. It's not fun for me.

    「お化け屋敷には入りたくない」 「悪い予感しかしない」って。

  • So I'm telling Jun, like,


  • I don't wanna go in the haunted house, I don't think this is a good idea.

    ここで座って待ってるから。 私は行かないから、どうぞ、お先に」

  • Like, I'm just gonna...

    そしたら、「大丈夫だって! ほら、行こう。きっと楽しめるって!」

  • I'll sit here, I'll wait for you guys. You guys can go in the haunted house but I'm

    「仮装してるスタッフがいるだけだって。 怖かったら手握ってもいいから」

  • going to sit here! And I'm not gonna go in, cause I don't think it's a good idea.


  • And he's like, "It'll be fine! Just go in! Everyone's gonna have a good time, like it's--


  • They're just people in costumes. I'll be here with you. I'll hold your hand if you want."


  • And I'm like... okay.

    「廃病院とか絶対ムリ!」 「お化け屋敷とか入ったことも無いし!」

  • And then,


  • like 15 minutes later I'm thinking about it again and I'm like,

    でもJunは 「だから、大丈夫だって」 「みんなで行くから怖くないって」

  • "Okay, no. NOOO I don't want to go in the hosp-

    「さあ、行こう!絶対に大丈夫だから!」 って言うから、

  • I don't want to go in the haunted hospital. I've never been inside a haunted house before.

    「わかった。大丈夫...大丈夫...」 と自分に言い聞かせました。

  • I'm going to freak out. This is not a good idea. I don't wanna do this!"

    結局、2時間ほど待ってる間中、 ずっと葛藤してました。

  • And Jun's like, "No, no, everyone's doing it. You should do it, you should just stay with the whole family.

    やっと順番が回ってきた頃には、 立っているのがやっとの状態でした。

  • Just come on, it'll be okay!

    中に入ってから直ぐに ある部屋に通されて、

  • We'll just get through it, it'll be fine.

    注意事項なんかを説明されましたが、 全く聞いていませんでした。

  • And I'm like... "okay... okay."


  • And this goes on for like the whole two hours that we're waiting in line.

    しかも暗くてよく見えないから、 ずっと周囲を警戒しながら、

  • And finally we get through and like, I've worked myself up...

    「絶対にあの扉から誰か襲ってくる!」 「絶対に奴らはあそこに潜んでやがる!」

  • a LOT.


  • Like just being in line.

    「奴らが襲ってくる前に見つけてやる!」 とか息巻いてたんです。

  • And so we get inside the haunted hospital and we're sitting in this, like, room...


  • And they're explaining all the rules to us. But I'm not paying attention to the rules.

    私1人だけ警戒しっぱなしで、 「はん!さっさと出てきなさいよ!全然怖くないから!」

  • 'Cause there's like doorways

    と言う感じで、全く説明は聞いておらず、 1人で何かと闘っていました。

  • all off to the side and they're like all dark, and I'm looking around everywhere and I'm like,


  • I know someone is gonna jump out of one of those doorways. I know they're gonna come out and try to startle us.

    それから、入ってきた人達で グループを組み、出口を目指します。

  • And I was like...

    だから、見ず知らずの人と 組まされる事はないです。

  • thinking I was like so amazing and I was like,

    そして、私達のグループの順番が 来た時には、私はビビりまくってました。

  • "I'm gonna get them before they jump out and startle me. I'm gonna see them first,


  • so they're not gonna surprise me."


  • So I'm looking around like everywhere, and I'm like, no, no, they're not gonna jump out and get me.


  • So like the whole time I'm not even paying attention to what they're saying. That's what I'm doing.

    そして、出口を目指して 歩き始めたんですが、

  • But no one jumps out at us.


  • And then they just start sending us through in groups, like the groups you come in with

    ゾンビって言っても、仮装した、 ただの人間だと分かっていたし、

  • so you're not like walking around the haunted hospital with like strangers and stuff like that.


  • And so it's our turn, and like, I'm freaking out at this point.





    自分でも信じられないくらい ビビりまくってました。

  • And I'm like completely out of my mind at this point.

    彼らが脅かすたびに、悲鳴を 上げながら跳ね上がって、

  • And we finally start like walking through the haunted hospital,


  • and eventually like, the first person jumps out at me,


  • and I'm not dumb. I know this is a person in a costume.

    でも、頭では分かってるんです。 「いや、別にそこまで怖くもないじゃん」

  • I mean, I don't think that it's like a monster or they're gonna hurt me

    「ただ仮装したスタッフが 脅かすだけじゃん」と。

  • or anything like that.

    でも、動転し過ぎて、 ひたすら泣いてました。

  • But I dunno. I've worked myself up so much


  • at this point that I'm just like so freaked out

    「大丈夫か!?」 「ど、どうしたの!?」

  • and when they jump out at me I get startled, and I just start immediately

    建物内には、恐怖に 耐えられない人用に

  • bawling.


  • Like, tears running down my face, like my make-up, my mascara is running down my face.

    みんな心配になって、「あそこに非常口があるよ!」 「もう出たいでしょ?さあ、出よう!」

  • And like, in my mind I'm like, that wasn't that bad!

    でも、入園料とは別に 1人500円も払ったのに、

  • It's just-- He's not that scary. That's okay! It's just a person in a costume. He just jumped out at me.


  • But I'm like so stressed out at this point I'm just crying.

    皆が、どれだけこのアトラクションを楽しみ にしてたのかを知ってたんですよ。

  • And like all of my in-laws are like,

    特に義妹が楽しみに していたはずなんです。

  • "Are you okay?? What's going on?"

    だから、「大丈夫です! 絶対に非常口からは出ません!」

  • There's like these doors that are like emergency exit doors that you can

    「やります!I'm okay!」 と、泣きじゃくりながら訴えました。

  • go and leave if you're too scared.

    何とか出口までたどり 着けたんですが、

  • And they're like, "We can leave! Do you wanna leave? Let's go leave!"

    体感では10~15分くらいかかったと思います。 (実際は50分ほど)

  • And I'm like, they spent $5 per person just to get in here.

    でも、みんなが出口まで ずっと私の心配をして何度も、

  • I'm not gonna leave and I'm not gonna ruin this for everyone.

    「無理しなくていいのよ?」 「本当に大丈夫?」と尋ねました。

  • This is the main thing they wanted to do.


  • My sister-in-law really wanted to go in this haunted house. So I'm like, "No! No. I'm gonna stay.


  • I'm gonna do it! I'm okay!"

    2人の間に入り、サンドイッチ状態 になってビクビクしてました。

  • But I'm still like crying at this point.


  • And so we go through the haunted house and I think it's like,

    スタッフ側も怖がっていない人よりは、 怖がっている人を脅かすほうが楽しい訳ですよ。

  • it took us like 10 or 15 minutes to get through the whole haunted house.

    義家族はみんな、「おお、こんなところにもいたの?」 「暑い中、お疲れ様です~」見たいな感じでしたが、

  • And like, they're so worried about me this whole time,

    私1人、後ろでビクついているので、 彼らもわざわざ私のいる所まで駆け寄って来てくれて、

  • they're just asking me, "We can leave! Are you okay?"


  • And like eventually like I'm holding Jun's hand in one hand


  • and I'm holding my sister-in-law's hand in the other hand

    義母が1人、3メートルほど 前をドタドタと足音を立てて、

  • I'm just like walking in between them,


  • like sandwiched in between them because I'm so freaked out.

    スタッフが私ではなく義母 だけを脅かすように。

  • And of course,


  • like the people who jump out at you, they don't care about the people who are just like, they don't care about it.


  • 'Cause like my in-laws, they're just laughing. They're like, "Ha! Someone jumped out us.


  • I don't care, whatever. Hahaha!"

    でも、スタッフも馬鹿じゃないので、 直ぐに状況を把握して、

  • But I'm in the back like crying so of course they all run towards me


  • and everything and so that just makes everything worse.

    「すぐ後ろからグループが来てるな。しかも、 1人泣いてる女性がいらっしゃる」

  • And eventually like halfway through the haunted house,

    私に向かって走って来たんです! もう、「やめて、お願いします!」としか言えませんでした。

  • my mother-in-law just starts- she goes off like 10ft in front of us and she starts, like


  • stomping really loudly

    お化け屋敷はそんな感じでした。 何とか無事に切り抜けました。

  • so she can draw out all of the people so they don't jump out and startle me.


  • And like...

    私が泣き散らしたせいで、義家族が楽しみにしていた イベントを台無しにしたと、後悔しました。

  • She brings them out, like it works.

    私の心配ばかりで、アトラクションを 楽しめなかったんです。

  • She like lures all of them out.

    だから、本当に恥ずかしかったんですけど、 まあ、でも、ほら、

  • But as soon as they come out they just, like you can see it in their face, like they look at the situation and they're like


  • This is just one person...


  • The whole group of people is back there and there's a girl that's crying back there.

    他のアトラクションも沢山あるし、 その内忘れて、楽しくなるわ。

  • So after that they all come running towards me and I'm just like, "No, stop! Please!"

    本当に綺麗な遊園地だし、 今日は本当に素敵な1日に

  • So,


  • that's how the whole haunted house went. And I mean we got through it okay.

  • But at the end I was just like,

  • this is what my family wanted to do so much and I ruined the whole thing because I was crying.

  • Like the whole time they had to worry about me instead of enjoying the haunted house

  • and everything like that.

  • So I was like so embarrassed about that, but I was like, you know,

  • it's okay! This is just the first thing of the day.

  • That was really embarrassing but I'll get through it. It'll be fine.

  • And we'll just, we'll go on. There's so many other attractions at this amusement park.

  • It's like a really pretty amusement park. So we'll get through it and the day will just get better.

  • But I was wrong.

Hey everyone! So Jun has gone back to Japan now which is really sad

こんにちは。Junが帰国したので、 とても悲しいです...


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