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  • So I've been using the Galaxy S8 since it came outabout 2 ½ years ago. And I think

  • it's time for a change. I've gotten myself an upgrade and I've got a little something

  • for you guys as well. I think you'll like it.

  • Let's get started.

  • [Intro]

  • People ask me all the time why I don't change my phone more often, and the answer's pretty

  • simple. Phones haven't really changed a whole lot in the last 2 ½ years. Yeah, small incremental

  • upgrades with each new version of the phone, but nothing earth-shattering has occurred.

  • Nothing that warrants a $1000 upgrade. This Galaxy S8 Plus still handles every app that

  • I throw at it just fine.

  • Funny story about the yellow coloring on the back of my phone. About a year ago I tweeted

  • that if dbrand changed the very boringly named Carbon Yellow to Bulletproof Banana, I would

  • skin my phone in it. And they actually did it. So here we are. Man of my word. And to

  • this day, Carbon Yellow is still called Bulletproof Banana on their website.

  • Okay, so the S8, while it's still working great, does have some flaws after 2 ½ years.

  • The first of which is this crazy burn-in on the screen. The keyboard is very permanently

  • burned into the display of my Galaxy S8 and it does get a little distracting when watching

  • videos or doing basically anything. So that's kind of a bummer. My screen brightness has

  • always been on auto. I hope Samsung has figured out how to avoid this in future versions of

  • your phone. I also intentionally never put a screen protector on my phone when I bought

  • it so I could see how scratched the glass could get with every day use. This is Gorilla

  • Glass 5 after 2 ½ years. It's got lots of little scratches at level 6, and a couple

  • deeper grooves at a level 7. This was a real-world 2 ½ year long scratch test.

  • There's also, you know, normal battery life issues. I've had this phone for about 1,000

  • days now and I consider myself a pretty heavy user. So the battery life has decreased to

  • the point where I need to charge it up every night as well as every afternoon. Not a big

  • deal. I could replace my battery, but that would compromise the water-resistance, and

  • I'm always around chargers. So I've just left it as is. The biggest issue I have is that

  • my earpiece speaker is going out in the phone and it's hard to hear people when on phone

  • calls, and I don't really want to be that guy who's on speakerphone all the time.

  • Yeah, I could fix any one of these hardware issues by just replacing a component, but

  • while they are inconvenient, none of them are deal breakers all on their own. If I wasn't

  • doing YouTube, and my job wasn't all online doing emails, making videos, social media

  • and all that stuff, I would keep using my Galaxy S8 for a while longer. But since my

  • phone is a tool for my job, I can justify getting a new one. I have gotten a lot of

  • questions as to why I don't make my own device clear, since you know, clear is the best color.

  • There are a few major downsides to modifying your own personal daily driver.

  • The glass could crack, which is a very real possibility for someone who hasn't done it

  • before. Glass is glass, and glass can break. There's also the losing your warranty thing,

  • and more importantly, losing any water resistance that might come with the phone. That's the

  • biggest thing. Since manufacturers aren't making transparent phones, I've been working

  • on a way to get transparent phones to all of us while avoiding those pitfalls and I

  • think we've figured it out.

  • These are all fully transparent looking phones that have no voided warranties, no cracked

  • glass, and no compromised water resistance. Dbrand and I have spent months finding a way

  • to bring these clear phones to you. We call it Teardown, and as of right now, this very

  • second, we have scans ready to go for almost every major smartphone including the Nintendo

  • Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. I'm pretty excited about this. OnePlus doesn't make their

  • batteries red anymore, so we went ahead and did it for them with the Teardown skin. The

  • red battery is back, which adds like all kind of horsepower I'm sure.

  • It took months to get the scanning and printing process just right...compensating for the

  • curve that most smartphones have and getting the image up to our standards took quite a

  • bit of work. Plus we added little different Easter eggs into every phone. Every device

  • is going to be a bit different because the skin is an exact representation of what's

  • going on inside of the phone. This is a limited edition droponly live for one week starting

  • today since we have to get them all made and shipped by Christmas.

  • With so many smartphones out there all looking the same, we know that true beauty lies on

  • the inside, and now the insides are on the outsides. I have a skin covering my new Note

  • 10 Plus as well. You can see here how there's a direct correlation between the speaker grill

  • and the port on the outside of the phone. As well as the USB-C port with the bottom

  • of the phone, the vibrator motor, the front earpiece, and even the camera unit. We had

  • to buy some crazy cool machines to get this level of detail, and every skin is unique

  • to the device that it's covering. If you're the type of person who always has a case on

  • your phone, the Teardown skins also work with the dbrand Grip. So you get the protection

  • of a case while still showing off the insides.

  • I decided to go with Samsung once again for my daily driver, not because they're the best.

  • They probably aren't anymore. I'm just used to Samsung and I mostly just wanted a bigger

  • screen and the triple camera setup. So here we are. The grass isn't always greener on

  • the other side though. I assumed all of my apps would just start working when I switched

  • over to the new phone. But I can't for the life of me get my Gmail emails to come in

  • automatically as soon as I receive them. I've tried everything and it seems like a very

  • weird flaw to have on a phone that costs $1,000. So a new phone isn't always the best phone.

  • A clear phone however is the best phone. So go check out my new line of Teardown skins

  • at It has all of the perks without any of the risks. Win-win.

  • Hit that subscribe button if you haven't already. Thanks a ton for watching and I'll see you

  • around.

So I've been using the Galaxy S8 since it came outabout 2 ½ years ago. And I think


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