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kpop fans are in great shock and mourning after the death of kpop star
and actresses Holi our Kim bo-gyung tells us more
South Korean k-pop star and actress Holly was found dead on Monday at her
song Nam residents according to the police on Monday
Sally's manager found her dead in her home at around 3 p.m. after being unable
to reach her since their last call the day before currently police are
investigating the case as a suspected suicide but are still exploring other
possibilities at the site a handwritten memo showing solace feelings has been
found the police are saying it is not a will and that they cannot reveal what it
says her agency SM Entertainment said the funeral won't be open to the public
fans are shocked by the latest deaths of a kpop star it comes less than two years
after the death of Kim Jong Hyun a member of boyband SHINee who are also
managed by SM Entertainment so Lee was a former member of South Korean girl group
FX who debuted in 2009 she formally left the group in 2015 to focus on acting in
her solo career she released her latest solo album in June this year and also
was a host of a Korean television show translated as the night of hate comments
Sully was quite a controversial figure and although the definite reason for her
death is yet to come out a lot of fans are suggesting that she took her own
life because she had to suffer so much from hateful online comments as lots of
Korean stars have committed suicide after suffering from malicious online
comments fans are saying it is time to make a law to stop people from posting
comments that hurt others Kim bo-gyung arirang news


South Korean K-pop star Sulli found dead... suspected suicide

28 タグ追加 保存
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