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  • coming to you from his house in Los Angeles.

  • It's Conan broken.

  • I'm Andy Richter tonight.

  • Sophie Turner.

  • Now here he is.

  • Koenen.

  • Oh, Brian.

  • Hey there, Conan O'Brien here.

  • And I just learned that my stool can swivel, which is exciting.

  • That's a big step up from yesterday.

  • This is Day Two.

  • Tuesday we had a lot of fun last night with Adam Sandler And tonight on Conan from home broadcast from my home in Los Angeles will be bringing you Sophie Turner.

  • I love Sophie Turner.

  • Sorry.

  • I shouldn't have made the camera jiggle.

  • Um, very excited to have her on the program.

  • And as you can tell, I am projecting with my denim jacket a sense of calm but casual authority.

  • I'm also having trouble finding the lens, but I think it's Yeah, there it is right there.

  • Anyhoo, like the rest of you, I seek out friendships, companionship during these times.

  • And for me, that means my good pal of many, many years Andy Richter.

  • So Hey, Andy, how are you?

  • I'm just happy to be talking to somebody.

  • Those headphones.

  • Is that me or you listening to music while I try and talk to you?

  • Oh, Conan Music.

  • Oh, wait.

  • Yeah, yeah, it is.

  • It's it's actually your podcast.

  • Here's what I'm having difficulty with.

  • I I can kind of tell what day it is because we have to make this show.

  • But other than that, without that toe hang on to, I would have no idea what day it is.

  • I have to see if the price is right is on in order to know that it's a week day.

  • Wait.

  • So the price is right is telling you that it's a weekday, but yes, but it doesn't tell you which day it iss Well, I mean, I'm not gonna get that specific.

  • I just need to know it's a weekday.

  • So that means I should put on pants, weekends their pants free.

  • I mean, come on.

  • I zint this the same technique you use even when there isn't a pandemic.

  • That's right, Andy.

  • Uh, there are a lot of hopeful p essays out there right now on how to handle this current Corona virus crisis, and I decided that I would, uh, take my own.

  • Hey, a lot of people are talking about social distancing these days, but what's the right amount of distance.

  • People say someone needs to be over six feet away from you.

  • But how much is that?

  • When you're on the fly, how do you calculate it?

  • I'm gonna tell you an easy solution.

  • Do what I do.

  • Grab your life size cutout of former FBI director James Comey.

  • He is famously six feet eight inches tall.

  • Lay it down between you and the next person, and then you have it.

  • I am safely distant.

  • I am one James Comey away from the next person.

  • Now what if you don't have a James Cole?

  • Well, take your Kevin Hart.

  • Not remember.

  • If someone is one Kevin Hart away from you, that means they're too close.

  • Way too close.

  • So take your backup, Kevin Hart.

  • Lay that out.

  • Now someone is to Kevin Hart's away from me.

  • Still not enough.

  • You need three Kevin Hart's three Kevin Hart's distance and just to be really safe.

  • Four.

  • Before Kevin Hart's between you and the next person and you are perfectly safe.

  • Wait.

  • There you go.

  • Problem solved.

coming to you from his house in Los Angeles.


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