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  • Bentley.

  • Most som speed has wait for this 530 horsepower but most importantly, 811 foot pounds of torque.

  • Those numbers you don't find in a boat it costs £252,000 on Would you believe it?

  • Bent knee wants you to decide as an under whether you want to drive this thing.

  • Wait.

  • Still quite sprightly, you know, a minute feels enormous, but it's so comfortable on my heated seat is just magnificent.

  • He's lighting way yet 250 millimeters less wheelbase, but with 45 kilograms lighter like an RS version.

  • Can you imagine every other car driven so far today?

  • Cannot handle the standing water, But the muslin is so big and heavy it just plows its way through, forcing most tires into the surface.

  • That shouldn't be possible.

  • What a ridiculous car Lovett engine is a pushrod V eight, which is insane.

  • They built a new push rod.

  • This is old tag May because it gives a sense of character to the car, which sounds bizarre, but it works.

  • It's an eight speed gearbox, the Engineer New reps for half 1000 rpm, but it suits the character of the car because it a cruise speed.

  • It doesn't so much accelerated.

  • So get Oh, yes.

  • Slippery bell in second class.

  • Um, What is gamboling gonna be?

  • Lunch.

  • We slide around it going One more slides over the line sideways in a £252,000 limited.



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クリス・ハリス ラップベントレー・ミュルサンヌ・スポーツ|エクストラギア|BBC (Chris Harris Lap: Bentley Mulsanne Sport | Extra Gear | BBC)

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